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Month by month baby onesie with heat transfer vinyl

month by month baby onesies. perfect for photo ops

These are so cute…and guess what…REALLY EASY! You just need a pack of plain onesies…any color…or even striped! and pick some matching vinyl! I loved this combo of colors together (it’s all Heat transfer vinyl!)

heat transfer vinyl

It all comes from Expressions Vinyl

I actually bought this from the silhouette store. I usually like to create my own…but I wanted to show you that you don’t have to be a designer to use the program! You can just select and cut!

And cut out (Make sure to flip this…so it technically will be cutting opposite…on the back side!

(and I forgot…so I have 6 circles that are wrong!)

Weed away all the vinyl that isn’t part of the design. Heat transfer vinyl isn’t sticky like the other vinyl. So I think it’s easier to weed because you don’t have to worry about it sticking back on itself and ruining it! weed away the excess vinyl So here’s what we have. A clear plastic sheet that is covering the whole front. (that is what you iron on!) and the design on the back…backwards!) (-The colored part with the scallops were cut our first.)
back side of expressions vinyl iron on vinyl

First…you take the colored circle and iron it on first (iron your shirt before hand to get out moisture and wrinkles!) peel up the plastic sheet then get your white months. You will flip it over and position it on your onesie right were you want it (it’s not sticky sticky so you can move it until you get it exactly where you want it!) and then iron. Press for 15 seconds! Then peel up the plastic sheet (called a carrier sheet– don’t iron without it!)

baby onesie with heat transfer vinyl Then just add baby! month baby onesies

I actually made 1 2 and 3 months in a smaller size than the 4 5 and 6 months! month baby onesies for pictures

layering heat transfer You can get so creative and make onesies GALORE! funny baby onesies

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