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How to make wood frames! Step by Step!

This post may contain affiliate links!

I have posted random projects using these frames for the past few months…and every time I do I get asked…HOW to make them! And they are so easy (I literally made 100 a few weeks ago!) So let’s hold hands and I will teach you how to make these super cute frames! Did I mention they cost about $2 to make?? That makes them the greatest present ever! (edited to add….I create a wood frame round 2–the chunky frame! See it here!)

how to make wood frames! easy diy with step by step instructions! Lots of fun decorations ideas!


I even hopped on facebook live to show you step by step!

Okay, let’s head to Home Depot!


for the edges/frames: On an end cap is a pile of this wood. $1.07 each! Really cheap…and you can get about 2 whole frames (8 pieces) from each one!–sometimes more depending on size!

frame wood wood

You will want to try the flattest piece of wood that looks smooth. Some of those small boards can be totally splintery and curvy!

For the main part of the frame:

I buy common board…WAYYY cheaper than the fancy wood! (and I’m cheap!) There is whole side of different sizes.

wood at home depot


see the 1×4-6ft?? what wood to buy

That means its 1 inch thick, 4 inches wide and 6 feet long.

and when I say 1 inch thick…it’s actually 3/4 and when i say 4..it’s really like 3 1/2. (something about when it’s sanded down or something!)

So I like 3 of the 4 inch boards glitter deer

or 2 of the 6 inch boards chalkboard note board

or 1 of the 12 inch boards. fun chalkboard frame

(the wider– the more expensive and  when you are trying to nail the three boards together it can be tricky!)

and you can make it as big or small as you want! This one is about 18 inches by 26 inches!  giant frame


For a craft night I did 2 of the six inch boards–a square…11×11.

square frame

and I averaged each frame about $1.75! Pretty cheap for a cute craft!

I buy 6 feet long…because I can fit it in the back of my 4 runner. But they have 10 feet long boards!

If you buy one of the skinny boards for the frame and one 6 inch wide board…you are going to get a least two frames (unless you go BIG!)


AND…did you know that Home Depot cuts wood for you? So if the cutting part scares you than take a measuring tape and pencil there and have them get ur done.

We have a chop saw–makes it nice and clean and fast…



chop saw But since I’m scared of the chop saw…I use my makita jigsaw–It’s handheld and I use it cut everything! Just measure out and cut! (and wear safety glasses–no matter how unstylish they are!) scroll saw Cut your middle main boards however long you want. Then you are going to want to cut two of the skinny wood so it matches the height of the frame. how to make a frame 1 Keeping it all together you measure across the two pieces of wood you have cut and the inside piece to find the length and cut two more pieces for the top and bottom. how to make a frame
Keep in mind that these frames are meant to be “rustic” Which is why it’s not all fancy mitered corners. Some of the wood might not be super straight… It might not match up perfect…And THAT’s OKAY! Life is too short for that crap! After it’s all cut..I lay out to find the best sides and………..
how to make a wood sign with frame  paint or stain! (You can actually assemble before hand…but it’s so much easier to paint in pieces!)

Let’s talk STAIN! I love the look of stain. I thought I would share some of my favorite colors! minwax wood finish stain


stain 1. is Jacobean from Minwax.

2 is Espresso from Minwax (my favorite–Jacobean is a little darker and Espresso is a bit warmer)

3. Espresso from general finishes. (I just wanted to show you how much darker it was even though it’s the same name as the minwax one!)

4. Classic gray from Minwax


here is the gray…It’s very pretty!  gray stain frame and remember that each wood takes stain totally different!!!  wood stain ideas

And paint is always fun! Lots of colors…or patterns! So many options!

striped frame after it’s all painted… painted diy wood frame

Time to nail this baby together!

I used this… nail gun

It’s AMAZING! and loud. But it works so quickly! You can easily hammer in nails if you don’t have a brad nailer…but if you have a TON to do …this makes it go fast!  (this is what happens when I ask husband to take a picture of me!) jig saw

I has to be pressed into the wood to shoot…which is awesome because I’m sure I would have shot myself in the foot or leg 12 times by now if it didn’t have this safety feature! nail that bad boy in

okay–The more boards in the frame…it’s a little more tricky and hard to hold in place. I start with the pieces of the frames that are flush–that way you can match up the larger piece exactly. For each piece of wood, it needs two nails.

If you do one nail the board can move while you are nailing in the other pieces and make it wonky! how not to have a crooked frame

If you find this tricky you can hot glue it to hold it in place while you are nailing!

IMG_5278 you need to add a nail in each arrow. I do one side (the side of the frame that doesn’t overhang)  flip. other side.  Then top and bottom making sure it’s even! how to nail the frame together

See the blue arrows…? That is where you will need to add nails. It connects the frames together!

nail holes

The nice thing about these frames is that it’s a rustic look. (aka…not perfect!) So you can just leave those nail holes! No need to putty! nail holes with brad nailer


When you are done the back should be totally flush…. back is flush So TECHNICALLY you could do something on both sides! (I couldn’t decide what background to do on my nutcracker so I made it two sides to see what photographed better (the things bloggers do!)  flush wood frame


If you want to hang…I totally recommend these sawtooth picture hangers! Just hammer them in! (they are super cheap!) sawtooth wall hangers

After it’s all assembled is when I Distress it. Sand the edges of the frame. distressed edges Sometimes I add some brown to the light colors…

square frame

and Sometimes I don’t.


Now…my favorite part! DECORATION! so many options!!!

How about chalkboard??

fun chalkboard frame

Hot glue on some fun letters… chalkboard


How to make wood frames Vinyl is so easy to add a fun saying! (go HERE) kitchen-measurement-equivalent-sign-with-vinyl-with-free-cut-file-for-silhouette-studio-a-girl-and-a-glue-gun-900x1366

and HERE patriotic-sign-900x1190

and here funny-laundry-room-sign



Grab the cut file for this one here

This one is is floracraft foam and vinyl! (go HERE) life-is-better-with-sprinkles-900x600 family-sign-made-with-foam-900x599

This one is made out of foam core board! (go HERE)
nutcracker-with-wood-stain-900x1191 (1)








What about a wreath?

wreath frame This pumpkin was from a store! Just hot glued it on! pumpkin frame

glue on some paper flowers with a fun printable (Printable from HERE)
paper flowers or glue on wood flowers and hand paint some fun messages!

be kind frame You can add a clip and make it so they can swap out pictures

interchangeable frame glitter deer

If you want to learn how to use vinyl as stencil to get fun distressed signs go here


I even watercolored onto one! 

How to make wood frames

and to grab this free cut file go HERE!

How to make wood frames


We had a craft night–and partnered up with Any way you cut it (my neighbor!!!)–she came up with 4 options and people bought what they wanted…(um..88 frames! wowza!)

Check out how colorful and unique each one is!  fun wood frames





12274230_10207095221712372_6393476045610662032_n 12279142_10204827767843586_3750016189919432096_n christmas sign 12313923_736066819433_551923188868374784_n 12316445_736066874323_2951802581448956219_n fra 11209518_10153729484962421_8129704606506354239_n 11223892_10101036577788534_4287203766358763402_n I also wanted to share Virginia from Fynes Designs....

She is QUEEN of these frames! fynes-signs


and if you are just wanting to buy some frames and not make your own…check out Salty Bison! They are alllll so cute!  20151110115823-580x580 blessings-580x773