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Water resist spider webs–kids crafts!

I have a passion for kids crafts–My mom was always letting me paint and create growing up and I credit all my current craftiness to her! So I think we need to foster that creativity in our kids! Today I have a fun watercolor resist spiderweb art that is  perfect for Halloween! fun-spider-web-watercolor-resist-artwork

And you should have most supplies already in your house!

All you need is


I put together a fun video for you to see it in action:

The only hard part is waiting for the glue to dry–but you could break it up into two days of crafting. One day drawing with glue…the next day painting over it!  watercolor

The elmer’s glue dries and flattens out so it makes it easy to paint over.


The kids can glue on fun spiders after it dries!  spiderweb-watercolor-artwork

I  turned my daughters spiderweb into framed art frame-spiderweb

So fun to write a hidden message for your kids! boo-sign candy-corn

A few variations to try:

Add paint to the glue to get different colors

Use crayons and then watercolor over (the wax from the crayons will resist the paint as well

Doodle with puff paint for a different look!

Lots of fun options to try!


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Happy Crafting!


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