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Lets talk about my living room.

Let’s chit chat.


My living room has been difficult. I won’t share how many nail holes are in my wall from my indecisiveness. But since it will never be finished (because I’m fun to live with like that…ever changing) I thought I would show you what I’ve got so far. my living room

Okay. So I perused pinterest and found I was pinning a lot of blue walls…(I love pinterest for that fact! You can look over your pins and see a theme. If you pin stuff multiple times It might be worth incorporating into your home!)

I loved the blue that young house love used HERE dining-room-side (1)


and this one: 521cf996dbfa3f64c0008bcb._w.540_





One thing I learned about paint colors from young house love is to find the color you like…then go for a “dirty version of it” a muddied down color of the color you like. If you like a blue…and put it on your wall…it suddenly becomes BLUE. Tone it down and it will be the perfect shade!

(this is their example…see the grayer version on the right??) dark-teal


And this is plumage on the wall….totally looks like a dark teal!  guest-vertical3

Along with the blue I noticed that I was pinning an awful lot of grasscloth walls like this one

and this one: 

7e957cdfc689e9b2c6616bb60e714d72 and this one 6a318a71f5ce59bc1dbdabd0bdd8b7a7


So I hemmed and hawed over what to do. I ran into Some grasscloth wallpaper at Lowe’s  (It was half this price in the actual store. So I bought it. and then I started in on the paint samples… shades of blue

I grabbed all the ones that I like and taped them to the wall. I wanted to see them at all times of the day. Morning sun, night time, middle of the day. Paint can look so different. paint on wall


I finally narrowed it down to two colors blue paint

paint colors


and painted them on the wall and tried to figure out which one I liked better. best paint color

and couldn’t decide.

So somehow managed to mix them both together and that is the color on my wall!

I do like the plumage from martha stewart (above) and dragonfly is another really pretty blue I love



For the grasscloth.

I decided to put down the grasscloth and then put the board and batten over it. Once I got it up I realized it was too yellowy for what I wanted so I white washed it. (and Now that I have new couches..I need to white wash it even more!) grasscloth wallpaper

randomly…My husband was out of town and hates when I change things up (boy did he marry the wrong person) So I took a picture of me painting this zebra pattern on the wall just to freak him out.   IMG_6586



anyways…back to the board and batten. I put a board on each stud–it makes it nice and spaced out evenly and I don’t have to worry about hitting wires or anything important. (I use a nail gun) Then add the top board across. Wood putty all the holes. I do NOT use wood glue…because I’m indecisive. which is a good thing…because I’m ALREADY planning on taking off the board and batten and making it chunkier and higher!  (my poor husband!)  grass cloth board and batten

Here’s the before before. IMG_2638

Here’s the semi after.  my-living-room-a-girl-and-a-glue-gun-900x600

and here’s where we are at now. (ever changing though!) my living room

Couch is from HERE (I love it!!! and it comes with 7 down pillows….(which I recovered because I need a little more weird pillows than the flowers.)

you can see my west manifesto close up HERE living room sneak peak

Rug is new from HERE –I got it for 80% off! Rugs usa always has the best deals!

awesome rug


I ADORE This one…but I’m cheap multi-pixel-woven-rug-c

and I’ve been on the search for an awesome kilim rug…but can’t find something that I know my husband won’t hate.

The W is DIY (head here!) cardboard letters


I’ve been on the lookout for a mercury lamp to replace the one there (like this one)

Pillows: pillows for couches

Black and white from HERE

yellow stripe from HERE

and the colorful one HERE (this pillow is my spirit animal. I love it so much!)

These are on my list to buy too!
fb81b2e553ebd3b2e73ac2dc8c2c050f c549e53c22b2cad5bbcdc4b36423629f

fun and colorful living room

Orange throw from target..but couldn’t find it…THIS one is pretty though and I like THIS one


I got the shelf from Home Depot  bookshelf


I LOVED this one: d10579c5ab37a08f02a8c444ae0b3751


and this one… 5d6d9bffcb11450602f5f79961583252

but the book shelf overlaps the window a little bit and I didn’t’ want it to be a bulky thing and block light. home decorations diy

I stuck my fake plant in a metal waste can I got from walmart… basket for plant

So here are the things I have planned: I want to do an instagram wall….either where the mirror is or on the wall in the right corner with the bulletin board on it. a girl and a glue gun living room




source 50f709a4b364efc1dcb5f7895c54ceed source


I also am going to chunk out my board and batten. Instead of having to replace the whole thing I am just going to add another level



I’m not sure how that’s going to work with my west manfesto. I might have to take off some mantras and move up the wests are the best.

I also want to find an awesome old trunk to turn into a side table…much like this one: how_to_make_a_watercolor_pillow1

and I want a big fat funky chair to replace this black one (no one sits in it as much as I like the look of it.)


and probably a lamp to go next to the chair…. lbmd-yh51b4



across the room is my easy photo ledges

you-make-these-easy-diy-photo-ledges-for-less-than-3-a-piece-900x1344 and THIS is the view if you sit on the couch!

and this is the other side of my living room (read more about it here)  cut it out frames wall

You can head HERE for more posts about my house!


and here is my pinterest board of ideas that I want SPECIFICALLY in my house! Follow Kimberly West (a girl and a glue gun)’s board crap for my actual house on Pinterest.

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Kimbo blogs at A girl and a glue gun--where she puts her hot glue gun to good use (as well as her vinyl cutter and sewing machine) She loves all crafts and is thrifty (the nice way to say she's cheap) So she is constantly trying to come up with fast and easy projects that won't break the bank! She lives in Idaho with her hot husband and 3 kiddos.