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craft room tour!

I’m so excited to show you my craft room guys! It has been 2 years in the making. I wanted to make it as efficient as possible–Really custom to my needs–and that took time to figure out exactly how to make it that way! But thanks to Angie at country chic cottage for putting on a craft room tour I got my butt in business and finished it off!


Now. I want to discuss a couple things before I show you pictures. You are about to see an enormous amount of craft crap. I consider myself a Jack of all trades…master of none. I like to sew, paint, vinyl, scrapbook, jewelry, sculpey, draw, watercolor, card making, wood crafts, quilts, the works. So this isn’t a pretty craft room with fabric on one side and then a big table and a sewing machine and maybe some fun thread on a rack. This room is filled to the brim–which doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for cutesy decorations. I literally have 3 fun craft frames that didn’t even get hung up because there was no room. (and as far as bedrooms go…this is small room…but since I was stuck in a corner in my living room in my last house it feels ginarmous and great to have a place of my own.

That being said, husband is already planning our next house that features a huge room double the size for my craft room.

and I should mention that I need stuff out –no closet doors or pretty containers to hide it …I have to see what I have so I can remember to use it! Seriously.

and last but not least: This is the cleanest it has EVER BEEN. and ever will be. and to be 100% honest right outside in the hallway is a pile of crap I threw out of my craft room for pictures.

Okay..let’s get on with the pictures!!! (VERY PICTURE HEAVY POST!)
check out this super fun craft room tour-lots of great organization ideas Here are some random befores…I bought a big metal desk….and it was heavy and we had to remove the legs to get it in…and I hated it. I realized I need something higher.

craft room before 1 IMG_9935

So I batted my eyelashes and husband took it out of my craft room. (and I like to take pictures when it’s messy.) craft room before


I repainted everything white…because I needed a big bright room for taking pictures in! Let’s start with at the door and go around the room!  door of craft room My Jo totes bag is my favorite camera bag ever! and it matches so it gets to hang out on the doorknob. jo totes bag Behind the door is a shoe organizer…I have been wanting to sew one (like this)  with fun fabric but ran out of time… behind the door storage some fun paper punches, big paint brushes, scrapbook stuff, floracraft supplies, craft scissors, etc.  random craft supplies

And then I whipped up this storage wall! paint wall ideas All my paint was tucked in the closet and couldn’t find anything. I wanted it on display and since they are small it was perfect for behind the door. There is a row of mod podge stuff, a row of fabric paint and dye, lots of paint, paint pens, sharpie markers, paint brushes, crochet hooks and the mason jars at the bottom hold clothespins, hair stuff, pom poms, bells, Popsicle sticks, and embroidery floss

supply shelves The shelves are the same basic design as THIS with scrap wood–but without molding on the front! The bottom three shelves are bigger than then the top ones.  Got these fun honeycomb colorful jars from Michaels! Love their new organization line! craft room shelves paint shelves

lamp and paint

Then comes my desk. Husband built it for me for Mother’s day… craft desk
The color is one of my favorite blues/green sea glass from Martha Stewart.
build a desk

two old bookcases with a big piece of wood on top (it does have two brackets in the studs) Then some peg board for storage and a mini shelf. I have my file cabinet underneath with a Tupperware full of ribbon on top.  craft room desk


IMG_8155 IMG_8158 and speakers because I like to jam out when I’m getting my creative on. pegboard organization

I made some burlap boards with gold glitter vinyl to hang up all the crap I want at eyes view. Inspiration, ideas, quotes, pictures..color combos I’m liking–



EDITED TO ADD: updated above my desk with a peg board! Head here to see it! 

The shelves underneath the desk hold lots of random craft (the theme of my craft room)

My printer and ink, cards, industrial velcro, Gelatos, and epson printer labeler–(the shelf is  striped with electrical tape.)

printer organizer

and the other side: transfer tape, mint and roll feeder (all from Expressions Vinyl) sandpaper, paint chips, lace, quilt stuff, stamps…more crap.

chalkboard labels The desk has washi tape along the edge and is a perfect spot to hold my hobby holster hobby holster IMG_8178 To the right of my desk we mounted a shoe shelf to hold all my vinyl. (I get it all from Expressions Vinyl! so many great choices and colors!)  silhouette cameo My silhouette cameo and curio sit underneath.  IMG_9967 I get to throw stuff on top (like my Minc foils) and fun quotes. I probably will eventually add another shoe shelf on top because at this rate I will need it!  great quote

vinyl storage

It’s where I sit most of the time. I bring in my laptop and hook it up to the printer on the right and my cameo to the left and create pretty stuff. where the magic happens

Keep going around the room is my garbage, sitting bench and window!

craft room tour makeover

The curtains are a full sheet, painted black stripes and then cut in half and hot glue the edges!  black and white striped curtains

the glue gun is the first glue gun I owned…It died after almost 4 years of heavy gluing. (sad day) and I couldn’t bear to part with it…so I spray painted it gold and hung it up!  create sign

craft room window The baskets under the bench each serve a purpose.  craft room organizing I take a lot of pictures right here in front of this window. It normally looks like this!  photo umbrellas but I do love that I have a place for my kids to come in and sit and read and do their homework (or cut up paper into tiny little pieces)

kid crafting

Tucked in the corner is a burlap holder (and my camera tripod and some back drops for photos.)

burlap holder


and then there are the SHELVES. 3 cheap shelves that I nailed molding to the top to make it look like it was more money than it was. IMG_8079

first shelf holds books, vinyl scraps, sewing kit, vinyl sheets (specialty silhouette stuff) and the blue box at the bottom hold “blanks” stuff to put vinyl on! craft room wall The canister is Pioneer woman’s line from Walmart! and the two photo boxes is where I keep all my receipts!
shelf beads and yarn… jewelry and yarn This also where my hot glue guns are stored–a fun wood crate I found at TJ Maxx.

gluegun crate glue gun storage
book shelf middle of the room has spray painted embroidery hoops –I want a fancy chandelier..but electricity scares me and husband won’t help. (It probably scares him too.)

fun craft room decorations Then there is my sewing section

sewing station I got this awesome singer sewing machine from my grandma….this and a 20 minute lecture from my dad that this was NOT to be spray painted hot pink or something! Ha! He knows me so well!

singer sewing machine

Chair from HERE. I put my bakers twine on a tension rod. bakers twine storage and you can go HERE to see the chalkboard with washi tape wall. washi tape shelves Right by my sewing machine are two pin cushions (because I always take one and put it on the floor when I’m cutting out fabric and then forget to take it back up to the sewing machine.) push pins and a little garbage bucket to throw scraps and thread in it. (and I bought the thread holder at the thrift store!)

sewing section

Next shelf over is full of fabric.  fabric

and to keep it real I will probably never use it all…but it sure is pretty. fabric storage

Next shelf after that is my cookie jars.

cookie jar storage

I have been on the hunt for cookie jars from thrift stores for years. I refuse to pay $6 when I get them for $1. My goal is to fill the whole shelf with cookie jars! They hold my washi tape, chipboard letters, pom poms, glue, buttons, tags, etc… cookie jars button cookie jar washi tape kind of combines my love for sweets and crafts. craft odds and ends on a shelf


This also holds my wood pieces and all my knit!

Up top is baskets that hold…surprise! more crap! shelf walls One is scraps, one is fleece scraps, one is trims and zippers, one is pom poms and one is tulle! (baskets are from walmart–better homes and garden!)


It also holds my bedazzled sewing machine (My first one that no longer works!!)

bedazzled sewing machine and of course my Like a boss sign. I also a painted  large Dalmatian dots. I didn’t want polka dots because my daughters room has black polka dots…and I wanted to keep as much white/bright as I could! like a boss craft room overhaul diy Then we hit the closet–there is another shoe hanger that holds spray paint– closet craft room--spray paint storage

spray paint storage 3 The closet it still a mess. Work in progress. I haven’t quite figured out how to best make it work for me! I did buy a cubby for the bottom. My duck tape is along the clothes bar. craft room closet storage The top bins are filled with

a. old t-shirts for knit. B. felt, C. stuffing, D. jeans for aprons, and E. old sheets (lots of fabric!)

and the stuff on top of the cubbies is scrap paper and scrapbooking stuff.

I’m thinking about building custom shelves so it fits these containers on it.

The cubby holds photo props, notebooks, jars, paint, and some odds and ends (like newspapers for pinatas, feathers and chain…totally random)
craft closet ideas In the corner I have my wrapping paper stash —   I don’t use it for presents…I use it for photo backdrops, or to line boxes or backs of shelves….

craft closet

Cute basket from Joann stores.

paper holder


There are cubbies along the sides Where I keep scrapbook paper, stains and paints, old frames, and my laminator and minc machine. closet organization scrapbook paper This is where my paint used to be…so I haven’t quite figured out what’s going on there…but excited that I have room to grow  (not that I need to grow anymore!)

around the corner is my glitter collection…(in an old spice rack!) glitter organizer Underneath my glitter is an  empty space

diy craft room

….I went to Michaels to buy this cart Tiny Functional Closet 4


But they were all sold out (sad) I want it because I hold craft nights at my house…and sometimes I like to work in the living room if its a big project like a quilt or painting shelves. So I thought a fun cart that I could put all supplies on and wheel out into the living room would be awesome!

(and if I can’t get a hold of one of those carts I will buy this one instead)


So there you have it. The place where all the posts you see here are created! (Keep in mind that I have a two big boxes full of styrofoam and other crafting odds and ends in the storage room downstairs! ha!)

craft room at a girl and a glue gun

fun craft room storage ideas

If you have made it this far–you get 4500 glue gun points!

head here to see a little more 


and here to see some fun ribbon storage 

and to see more fun craft rooms check out this post! 


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