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throwback thursday–pin cushion and kids sewing kit

throwback Thursday is a new little series….Cause i have 1500 posts. (okay…some of those are just random posts about how i use my husbands deodorant cause it smells good) but MOST of those are craft posts.

and No one uses my tutorials more than i do. once i do something i repeat as birthday presents, teacher gifts, baby presents, wedding—basically anything i can get away with!!!! So i thought it would be fun to show off the new projects i do with my old tutorials.
throw back thursday


today is the pin cushion jar… pin cushion jar with hot glue


this is an oldie from 2 years ago…. (cause i lost my tomato thingy. (go HERE to see the original)



pin cushion


you know..i never did find my tomato thing. and we packed up and cleaned our whole last house and unpacked everything. so it’s realllly gone. i bet someone stole it. or i accidentally dropped it into my craft garbage and dumped it. cause i’m not sure why someone would want a used tomato cushion.

anyways…easy tutorial..

you just need a jar with a lid, stuffing, and fabric (and hot glue of course!)

fill the jar with needles, pins or buttons (if you jar is big enough you could do scissors and tape measure) IMG_8306 IMG_8307

cut a circle of fabric larger than the lid and hot glue around the edge and stuff. then i added some ribbon to make it look nice!

pin cushion jar for kids

i did add a button (with hot glue!)

sewing jar for pins pin cushion jars

Here’s the reason i made this: I got a new sewing machine (2 years ago? 3?) and my other sewing machine just sat there. The other day it made it down into my daughters room and she decided she wanted to start sewing.

so i am making her a kids sewing kit for easter….
kids sewing box


(she covered this shoe box in duck tape for her valentine box at school…and it happened to be the perfect size. so i added vinyl in the shape of a sewing machine.

then i filled it up!
sewing kit for kids

i bought 4 yards of fabric (flannel) from joanns. and then just raided my fabric stash for the rest. added scissors, tape measure, bobbin thread, and the sewing jar (that has buttons and safety pins and sewing needles!)

then on the lid i taped up some sewing ideas (cause i wanted to show her all the fun things that she could do)

(and i have to apologize! i wasn’t going to post this…so i was running through pinterest and right clicking and saving pictures…then after the fact I tried to go back and re-find the image sources. i found most..but some never turned back up!!!!) sewing ideas one

1   2   3   4   5    6   7   8    9    10    11    12

sewing for kids two

1    2     3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10    11     12


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