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Candy corn popcorn box with white chocolate popcorn recipe!

This is part of Laura Kelly’s fun popcorn box challenge!  candy corn watercolor popcorn box with white chocolate popcorn I got this fun package full of goodies…. laura kelly I thought it was so funny she sent candy corn colored felt…because I already knew that I wanted to do a candy corn container! I traced the container while it was still flat–Remember you will need 4 sides (two sheets) trace popcorn box and I added flaps on the sides of one to help connect them later. I took some Gelatos® to make the candy corn look. gelatos gelatos faber castell They are about the coolest things! I have big plans for these babies! You can use them like paint…add water for a watercolor look. Rub them on stamps and mist them –Use them on wood, paper, canvas! I colored them on… candy corn watercolor and smoothed them out with water!  watercolor Halloween art After they dried I cut them out and used tacky glue to connect them together and then wrap around the box. tacky glue Cut out some fun paper from adorn it with my silhouette cameo to add the spider detail. cut out with silhouette cameo Then I whipped up one of my favorite (EASIEST) treats. White chocolate popcorn! I used microwave popcorn (pop that first) then put white chocolate chips in a microwave bowl and melt (don’t over melt it will crumbly and gross…I speak from experience!) Stir in popcorn! You can leave it plain or throw in m&m’s and eyeballs and candy corn white chocolate popcorn white chocolate popcorn halloween treat

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