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Christmas Joy sign

Thanks to Floracraft® for sponsoring this post!


This month’s theme from Floracraft® are these EPS Floracraft® Foam Shapes (You can find the ornaments at your local Michaels Craft Store.) They are pretty good size and have so much fun details!  floracraft

Here is the project I came up with–(I actually had this scheduled to post this morning…but it snowed like crazy–and I wanted to take a picture out  in the snow!!)

fun christmas sign

a fun joy sign with snowflake!

and Here is what you need:

FloraCraft® Foam Snowflake
1 jar FloraCraft® Diamond Dust
mod podge
 FloraCraft® Foam sheet
hot glue
wood frame

This Diamond dust is GORGEOUS! so sparkly! (and I only used a tiny bit!) I just covered the snowflake with mod podge and sprinkled it all over!

glittery snow flake sparkle diamonds with floracraft Then for the joy I just took my Floracraft cutter and cut out a J and Y. supplies-for-cutting-floracraft and wrapped them in flannel (I’m on a total flannel quick! go here) wrapped flannel joy sign grab your frame…You can go HERE to see how to make these frames giant frame and just hot glued the letters and snowflake inside! It’s pretty big…about 1/12 by 3 feet!  joy frame


And as a totally last minute after thought…I had these brackets and screwed them on! I thought they turned out super cool!

frame corners joy sign made from foam and a wood board!

Joy sign using Floracraft® foam sheets and snowflake- a girl and a glue gun

I also painted the Floracraft® Foam Snowman and Santa…(cause I love to paint!)

PAINTED snowman and santa

I even put one on THIS wreath with some sticks and buttons for the full snowman effect!

snowman wreath with foam


button wreath and added bonus…since it’s a snowman you can leave it up after Christmas snowman wreath head

Make sure to check out my other make it fun foam christmas idea….santa!  easy-Christmas-craft-santa-claus-900x600

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