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Make your own Santa!

Thanks to Floracraft Make it fun: foam® for sponsoring this post!

Floracraft® just released their Christmas E-book--It’s full of fun things to make with Make IT: fun foam!

We got to chose any craft from this book to recreate with our own twist….Here is the cute guy I picked….

santa claus face

and my version….

make your own santa claus head craft with floracraft foam --a girl and a glue gun.com


Here’s what I bought–felt sheets in skin color, some fabric (12 inces) buttons for eyes, white yarn for beard, an embellishment for the hat…and foam!

I used a sheet of foam

and a ball for the nose (any size works! depends on what you are looking for!

supplies needed

I used this awesome cutter (it heats up and melts the foam…and boy it’s addicting!) supplies for cutting floracraft I will give you the basic tutorial… but make sure to head over and download the ebook for full instructions!

I traced a face (pattern in the e-book!) and cut it out! (you can make so many different sizes…I went for big!) My head was about 14 inches long…and the beard and hat adds a couple more feet!  cut out Styrofoam wrap it the in the skin colored felt… cover with felt cut a ball in half and wrap that in felt (it was a little tricky but go slow and you can do it!)
cut a ball in half I cut a bunch of strips about 3 feet long and started hot gluing them where I wanted them (just the top inch! I wanted the beard to be able to hang!) make a santa face then just hot glue hot glue hot glue….I didn’t do the bottom half (my yarn is really fluffy and soft–I’ve literally petted the beard everytime I walk by him!) Just glue glue glue and hold up to see where you need to add filer!  hot glue on the yarn beard Then I added eyes (buttons) and put the nose on. I also took a pink stamp pad and added some colors to his cheeks and nose…cause old st. nick needed a little frost bite nipping at his nose. how to make a santa beard Then I decided he need a little mustache….and eyebrows…so I put together 12 inch strips and tie up in the middle and hot glue where it looks the best!  IMG_5394 Added a hat (There is some foam up there too shaped like a cone!) and a tassel made from plaid fabric!  santa claus oh! I think he’s so cute! You can add him to your front door (I actually used a couple of eyelets on the back and added yarn to hang!) IMG_5412 easy Christmas craft--santa claus

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