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christmas wreath–

I love CHRISTMAS!!!! So much! I also love not spending a lot of money or time…so I’ve got a trifecta today with this super easy wreath!  It’s so easy that your kids can totally help you whip it together!!! fun wreath with merry christmas tag Here’s what you need: a wreath form….(or you could use a pool noodle duck taped together) and grosgrain ribbon.

(i’m not sure if you can tell from this picture but this grosgrain is thick! The green and white is 2 1/4 inches thick and the Red is 3 inches thick! It makes the most amazing bows! (you can buy the smaller size…but keep in mind the stripes will be smaller!) supplies

I chose classic red green and white…but with all the fun color options…you could make one for all seasons!

I mean look at all the different shades of green there is!!! I totally wanted to do a light and dark striped green with a big red bowl! (GOT these at ribbon retreat) ribbon retreat

I just measured and cut stripes of fabric that fit all the way around….and pinned into place.since it’s going around a wreath I overlapped to make sure the wreath form is covered.

striped wreath how to

I was pinning into place to see how I liked it before i commit to hot glue…but the pins hold it really well…AND this way you could swap out colors for different holidays!

easy wreath

once you get to back up to where you started it will have a gap…this is where I attached the thick red ribbon to hang the wreath!

ribbon hanger for wreath

now you can get totally creative. add some fun flowers from the ribbon retreat.

wreath with flowers ribbon retreat

or whip up one of their AMAZING bows…

wreath with bow

throw on some snowflakes. snowflake striped wreath

how about some giant wood tags? wreath with christmas tag

so many fun ways to jazz it up!!! So get some ribbon and get crafting!

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