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15 AMAZING Halloween things to buy at the dollar store!

I love the dollar store. The end.


My husband hates the dollar store. mainly cause he’s dumb. But more because he lives by the motto, “you get what you pay for” and he thinks if it’s cheap..it’s cheap. (That sentence makes sense….pinky promise) But I love leaving the dollar store with bags FULL of random fun stuff and I only spent $30.  So  I decided to write this post as an excuse to buy more stuff to show you all the good stuff you can score for Halloween and what you can do with it! 15 things you should be buying for Halloween at the dollar store

1. Paper straws!

halloween paper straws

yup. they have paper straws! can. not. tell you how excited I was to see them there! I love these things…stick a peep on them and pop in a drink….


peep straws

or buy them all up and create an awesome wreath!!



get crafty with them!



Or add a fun pinwheel  halloween drink party




2. creepy crawly things.


creepy crawly creatures

I love buying all my spiders and crows at the dollar store! they are really great!

and you can do tons with them! add some magnets and make an infestation..



find the crow….(great decorations!)

Spell-Book-11 source

…or even on presents!



I even hot glued one onto a pictures frame


You can  freeze some spiders in ice for a fun surprise in the drinks!




#3 Googly eyes!

googly eyes


not found in the halloween section…but the craft section! These googly eyes will make any party a PART-AY!!!! treatcups1


stick them on wreaths, cups, bats… eyeball pinwheel source 6a00e3982192808833019aff7d6c9a970c-800wi


easy diy for Halloween


IMG_1844 (1)




graves These make any yard super fun! I’ve seen diy versions…and expensive ones at other stores– grave stone

but you can’t beat $1. You could even flip over the back of the dollar store one and carve in your own message! 4fd46b1c64148f98e69177539a5a35dc



5. Glow sticks glow sticks

Glow sticks are my FAVORITEST things on Halloween! I Even gave them out instead of candy one year! (my husband thought I was lame!)



They are great to help kids light up their costumes so cars can see them as they trick or treat…I always throw one in their trick or treat buckets so they can check out the treats they are getting!

But they are also so stinking fun for any party decorations! Put some in drinks–



or balloons or punch bowls 2ed15894a769ec62451f3a8788df9512

Even in Pumpkins! dd5b20fdbe275d739d6471b8876ec271 132206211144190


seriously..so many ideas! stock up! 09ebb67d319d20913a55637700b19300



6. Creepy cloth creepy cloth

This is a weird one….but I seriously love these creepy cloths! I had to buy a couple more because we used the first one so much!

We have used them as part of our costume…


as window hangings , over chairs, as tablecloths, or table runners..



634481d5e14f032b78806d849cb8bac2 source

backdrops for my blog posts… spider-canvas-art



8. Containers, bowl…and bags

containers and bowls

Between treat bowls, platters, trick or treat bags…dollar store has it alllllll.

halloween boxes

These little coffins were boxes to put treats! Super cute!

Use them as the intended method Halloween bowl

treat bags …or be creative and turn them into decoration! Picnikcollage04


dollar store leaf bowl before after

source Skeleton-Salad-Tongs-Wreath



A fun cup and a silver platter:  platter

to this…… easy fun platter from dollar store supplies Spray painted — spray painted cup glazed add glaze

and hot glue…and you have a platter! Halloween-cake-stand-title8


I even found a cauldron there! My kids were so excited to play potion with it!


9. Stickers


These stickers don’t last from year to year…so don’t spend your hard earned money on them!!! They are super fun to decorate windows and walls with! unnamed (6) My kids love these…and they each get to pick one to decorate the windows in their room. spider mouse window stickers

(caution tape was found at the dollar store too!) unnamed (1)


10. Themed Halloween ice cube trays.

ice cube tray

These are fun for ice…or use them as candy molds…or to make some halloween themed crayons diy your own halloween crayons

Peel old crayons (fyi…keep brands together. rose art with rose art..crayola with crayola.) chop up and put in ice cube tray. crayon diy

Melt at about 250 degrees!

Once you have used them for crayons…they will covered in crayon wax and residue! So they will only be used for that–which makes them perfect since they are only a dollar!


11. Just plain themed Halloween Decor! home decor

They have quite a few cute things to hang and decorate your house with! They change from year to year but I’m always pleasantly surprised what they have! decorations

12. Spider webs. spider web

Nothing makes a porch more spooky than having spiders webs stretched across it!

AND Spider webs are Awesome in hair….perfect for the undead costumes! cobwebs in hair I use it even for photo ops! gummy worm drink


13. Treat Decorations
treat decorations

do not spend money on expensive treat decorations! They have so many great ones that instantly makes your cupcakes cuter!  dollar store cupcake with pop rocks These might not seen super important…but I just saw some super similar for 3.99 at the craft store!!!


14. My personal favorite… body parts

creepy…crawly…body parts! I think they add some crazy fun to any decor! Throw some in a jar

ears in a jar

12-900x600 source

In your salad…


in your fireplace 25488fa16955ebb6d746a12f3004aedc

source photo


Or add some spray paint and make some costumes awards with them!
best award for halloween

best halloween costume awards

15. PAPER PRODUCTS paper goods

If you are throwing any type of Halloween get together make sure to stock up on their paper products! They are cheap…and they have holiday ones–as well as just plain colored ones! I stock up!

Honorable mentions:

I just spotted WASHI TAPE THERE! washi tape

Fun and festive scarves..You don’t want to spend too much for one day of wearing! unnamed (5) And makeup for your Halloween costume! Our dollar store has lots of funky colors!  unnamed (3)

make sure to check out these fun ways to throw a halloween party on the cheap! throw-a-halloween-party-for-cheap-easy-and-fun-ideas-that-wont-break-the-bank-761x2000


About Kimbo

Kimbo blogs at A girl and a glue gun--where she puts her hot glue gun to good use (as well as her vinyl cutter and sewing machine) She loves all crafts and is thrifty (the nice way to say she's cheap) So she is constantly trying to come up with fast and easy projects that won't break the bank! She lives in Idaho with her hot husband and 3 kiddos.