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easy halloween drink with peep straws!

today i’m part of the cupcake diaries fun series…30 days of Halloween!! 30DaysofHalloween2014-button 30 days of fun treats, printables, and all sorts of yummy things!

and today i’m up (come back later today to see my awesome food friday post!)

I don’ t consider myself a foodie…unless you  count stuffing your face with other people’s food–cause i do LOVE to eat.

But I still like to be cool and pretend I know what I’m doing.

So I came up with a really fun Halloween drink that is ridiculously easy to make!!!

fun and easy halloween drinks with eyeballs and peep straws---a girl and a glue gun.com the peep straws are so easy….

Straws are HERE

and PEEPS peep straws how to

sometimes you get a little piece of peep inside the straw…you can just take a toothpick and get it out! But they are so fun!!!

easy halloween drinks with peep straws and eyeballs

and for the drink part…. drink supplies

The eyeballs are these

but These BRAINS would be fun too–

and they even have Halloween nerds

yup just sprite! I added lots of ice so the nerds would float…as well as the eyeballs! eyeball in punch for halloween

I love how the nerds started melting…turning the sprite an eerie green color!!!

(here’s how they looked at the very first….it took about 5-10 minutes for the color to start changing!)

easy ghost and pumpkin drinks

So there you go! A super fantastic easy drink that looks Fantastic on any halloween table!!! easy halloween drinks

They were a big hit!!

peeps straw for halloween

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This post contains affiliate link that keeps in my crafting supplies!

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