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halloween costume awards (with free printables!)

halloween costume awards free pirintables ¬† halloween costume awards with free printables so…i thought it would be fun to make some printables for costume awards for Halloween! Real simple to make and so much fun!

halloween buttons

I used two scrapbook papers…two 12 inch strips makes a perfect medallion. (about 1 1/2 to 2 inches wide)
award how to

we go back to old school and  just making the basic fan shape and hot gluing the ends together. it kind of looks like a cupcake liner. you push down the middle and hot glue the circle right on it (printables down below!)

and then i ran out of scrapbook paper…

so i used crepe paper! loved how they turned out with them too! same basic how to! award how to crepe paper

cut some streamers for the bottom and just hot glued to back! IMG_3321

i’m pretty much obsessed with these. i think we will be getting “awards” throughout the year.

best homework doer.

best kisser

best at going to bed on time.

best at refilling the toilet paper.

best at not whining about what mom makes for dinner.

IMG_3323 IMG_3326

I even slapped a basic one on a formula can to hold my halloween “treats”

award on lightsticks

this is where i share that me and husband got in a fight about me handing out glow sticks and not candy and that kids go trick or treating to get candy.

and then it turned into us harassing every kid we have come across into polling whether they would like a glow stick for Halloween or candy.

it’s currently 70 /30 my favor.

I even made a blank one that you could print out and write up whatever you wanted (or get on pic monkey and make your own)

halloween blank

or you could you just do 1st -3rd place (would be perfect pumpkin carving competitions too)

halloween d halloweendf halloween 53

we had our big family party…and i wanted to make sure that everyone won one…so i made lots of “vague ones” a couple pretty much the same one..like overall best..grand champion. etc…. so no one was left with hurt feelings (except my nephew who ended up with most disgusting….i should note that he didn’t dress up.

and that’s what he gets for not dressing up! (he wasn’t upset! he laughed. i don’t want any hate mail about being a bad aunt)

and we also had no pretty princess as our party…so an adult male got that one. (he also didn’t dress up)
halloween 9
halloweend halloween undead halloween superhero halloween princess halloween s halloween spooky halloween disney costumes halloween ds halloween gory halloween costuem halloween cos halloween blood halloween 66 halloween 77 halloween 78t halloween 33 halloween 8s halloween 7 halloween 5 halloween 2 halloween 535 halloween 99s halloween 90 halloween 89 halloween 754 halloween 785 halloween badge

Here are some other ones we thought of later….

Best fictional character

Most fanciest

Best Fairytale character

Best nerd

Most Sportiest Costume

Best non fictional character

Best character from a book

Best Mask

Best Villian


Let me know if you think of any! leave me a comment!

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