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potion bottles diy

so the other day (after I made the spell book) my kids wanted to make a potion bottle.

and the potion bottle bar was made!

diy potion bottles with kids

I just laid out all random supplies (that don’t spoil) for them to use! some stuff from the dollar store (ping pong balls drawn into eyeballs…and spiders)

and a bunch of old jars (hoarder alert!) pickles, spaghetti, banana peppers…lots of fun sizes!

potion making kit

I filled up the bottles about half way with water and then they created!

evil scientist

O.M.G. I’ve never heard such giggles from my kids! They LOVED it…so much. and it smelled…so bad. soooo bad. (which brought more giggles…)¬† wizard

After it was all done I hot glued the lids closed (cause I didn’t want this crap leaking….) and all my kids disappeared for the rest of the night….trying to turn each other in toads i’m sure..

potion bottle 12

I found this party…how fun!!!


There are so many fun potion labels….that i did not feel the desire to whip up my own…instead i piled up a bunch here for you. (and you’re welcome.)

Potion Bottle Set


she also has a great tutorial for aging them….

Paper in the oven halloween-printable-labels




chickabug-halloween-potion-labels-2 copy source

a12eb121cc0aadb71dae14e476b053f2 source


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HalloweenBottleLabels41 source

Halloween-Labels-Printable-GraphicsFairysm-791x1024 source

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6b041e6d406100344f037dd62e15b16d source

You can print these potion lables….and use them as gifts….just fill with candy or some¬†fun slime!!!

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