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S’mores in a bag

One of our favorite camping dinners is walking tacos (basically all tacos supplies in a chip bag!)  walking-tacos-768x1024

and of course….Camping isn’t camping without S’mores!

And I had a light bulb…why not combine the two! TACO S’MORES! Okay. no taco s’mores…how about S’mores in a bag!

S’mores in a bag

s'mores in a bag--best campfire treat

Gives you the yumminess that is s’mores..without the mess!

Here’s what you need….


-chocolate (chocolate chips work great for this)

-cookies in a bag. cookies, fudge stripes, teddy grahams, they have mini Nilla wafers, and even animal crackers! And they usually come in boxes of 12…so you can feed lots of friends! (realistically you could probably get a sandwich baggy and crunch some cookies in it!–but these little packages are the cutest and perfect size!)  ingredients


Pick your cookies and open them up. Break up some chocolate and put in the bag…or pour in some chocolate chips.
smores in a bag how to

and roast—I’m a very light brown toasted fan.

roasted marshmallows After you have it done to your liking…slid marshmallow into bag and mix it all up! s'more dessert fun camping idea and snack


and enjoy! They are PERFECT! and no sticky hands!

best camping treat and you can set it down and pick it back up without getting dirt in your mallow. smore treat

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