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glow jars (kids craft for camping) CRAFT LIGHTING!

we went camping a few weeks ago….and my sister brought these fun glow jars that kids loved!!! and today i’m showing you the how to for CRAFT LIGHTING (aka…a bunch of fun projects that only take 15 minutes!) glow in the dark jars--a girlandagluegun.com What you need:

glow in the dark paint.




poor some paint inside a jar (baby food jars would be great too) let the kids paint it around

Some did polka dots, some splatters, plaid, chevron….you can really have a lot of fun with this!!!
glow in the dark paint

then you let the paint dry…You will need to pop some holes on each side of the lid

drill holes for glow jars


and run some wire down inside and cross them (so the kids can hang these lanterns in their tent or walk to the outhouse with them!) tie up string glow jar you can twist the wire and have fun with that part too. (you can also lay out some sharpies and have the kids draw and decorate the outside while waiting for the paint to dry!) glow in the dark jars for kids

it’s so easy–and the kids loved them! (and it was fun to look out in the dark and see little glowing jars)  glow in the dark jars

glow jars for kids camping

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