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Easy red white and blue drinks

This posted over at sugar bee crafts a few weeks ago!

I like to be totally festive…but I do NOT like to spend the day in the kitchen –or even hours! So I’ve whipped together a red white and blue drink that only takes minutes cause that’s how I roll! 4th of July drinks red white and blue supplies: Sprite or 7-up, koolaid, Some nerds (cause if sonic can do it…so can you) and red vines… supplies for independence day drink The only real prep is you need to make koolaid…and freeze it in an ice cube tray. (I found this star one at the dollar store!) koolaid 4th of july koolaid ice cubes I decorated some straws with red polka dot vinyl stars from expressions vinyl 4th of July straws Then I had a package or red vines sitting there for my husband…he loves them (I’m a twizzler fan) and I totally thought…”you could use these as straws!”  Just snip off the ends.
snip off red vines

Then assemble. (you will want to do this right before consumption) Add ice cubes to the cup (clear works best) then pop…then nerds. THe nerds fizz up and it’s super fun to watch! Add straws and enjoy!  The longer it sits there…the nerds dissolve…which is why the drink is starting to turn into purpley color!
red white and blue koolaid drinks drink for fourth of july the red vine straw totally worked! red vine straw

for more fourth of July fun check out this star hair fourth-of-July-star-hair fun ribbon streamers DSC01100

and mason jar utensil holders 4th-of-july-mason-jars


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