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i think this make it my third….maybe fourth..CHORE CHART

maybe i’m obsessed…
maybe my kids just need new fresh ideas.
i know i do.
anyways…as i said yesterday…i  sleep in.
so i thought, even though i being lazy…at least my kids can be productive….
so i made an easy reminder of the things they need to get done before they can
play the 3ds, play with their friends, jump on the tramp, go to their friends house, go to dad’s game, play the xbox, have treats, go to grandmas, play a game…or basically any thing i need to bribe my kids with….
i just hoped on picmonkey and made a checklist….

if you want to upload this one you just need to add the chores:

you can even click this button and make a visual if your kids are little…

(AND picmonkey has collage now! and does one for your facebook timeline! picnik who?

i ran it through my laminator…

and left some empty boxes to add in my chores as needed…

then they just mark them off as they go (they are taped to their doors)

Hey whatever works…..
 here are some other chore chart ideas…


and here are my kids to do’s for the summer:


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