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Teacher Appreciation–free printable for clorox wipes!

I’m in the middle of writing a post for teacher appreciation –and I asked a bunch of teachers what they REALLLLy want! And the unanimous comeback was…supplies for the classroom. Lots of teachers buy them out of pocket!

So I’m really trying to stick with that! I came up with a double duty. teacher appreciation free printable gift

A. Clorox cleaning wipes (have you spent anytime in your kids classrooms? fingers in noses…snot on sleeves…uncovered coughes. it’s a flippin miracle that teachers aren’t sick 24/7.

and Then when the wipes are out…you can reuse these cute plastic containers to hold pencils or  scissors or markers or who else knows! colored pencil holder

(printables at the bottom!)

 I peeled off the wrapper

clorox wipes gift

and added some vinyl.

inkjet printable

I get my vinyl from Expressions vinyl–They have fun polka dot and patterned vinyl….

But I’ve been itching to try this inkjet printable kind! You find a fun pattern and print it out on the top and then peel and stick.

peel and stick vinyl

start on one side and just peel off the backing and smooth down the vinyl as you go! printable vinyl from expressions vinyl clorox wipes containers made pretty

cute clorox printables

cutsified clorox container

You can also put this on hand sanitizer

hand sanitizer teacher gift

or  any other fun cleaning product.

I just realized I called cleaning products fun…I think that’s a sign I’m getting old. kleenex teacher gift

free teacher printables



updated to add:

Clorox released some fun new patterned container designed by OH joy! So you don’t even need to cover them up with vinyl!



Here are your printables!


free printables


teacher printables for cleaning supplies color printables teacher printables

you can also check this fun key chain one!


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