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hot glue pom pom pillow

This was made for the ribbon retreat blog! But I always love to post everything here eventually! so in case you missed it……..

My daughter’s birthday is coming up…and I’m surprising her with a total room redo! So I feel like everything I’ve been crafting is pink and cute and ruffly and pom pomy. And this pillow is no exception!  pom pom pillow how to ribbon retreat I got fun pom poms from Ribbon Retreat (they also have a couple other sizes! the mini is soooo cute! pom poms and Ironically…i found this striped fabric in my stash! supplies for pom pom pillow So I used the lines as a guide and pinned it along. ..keeping the pattern I go! (I got 2 yards of each and for a regular 16×16 pillow it was perfect! I had about 3 inches left over! pin on pom pom pillow--ribbon retreat

Okay..I actually sewed some…and then hot glued some. and if you look at the picture you can’t really tell the difference! So if sewing isn’t your thing…hot glue is an option!!!

After you get it all on..you are going to snip off all the little poms along the edges of both sides so you can sew it without them in your way.  snip off all the poms down the side I ended up making an envelope back (go here for step by easy step instructions) envelope back

and just sewed the front to the back!

It’s so cute! I freaking love it! I can’t wait for her room to come all together!

close up of pom pom pillow

cutest pillow for little girls room

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