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melted crayon sun catcher

We are colorers. that’s not a word. but you all know what i mean..so technically i just made a word.

anyways. we like fresh new crayons. so we end up with so many old broken ones that we can’t seem to throw away. so we hoard them up and melt them together to make fun things. melted crayon suncatchers


as we sort through…we pull off the paper¬† crayon bits broken--what to do with them then we lay down a sheet of wax paper and then you can either A. use a pencil sharpener and use the shavings.

b. use a knife and cut it up.

or C. (my kids favorite) put in a plastic baggie and hit with a hammer. broken crayons craft then design it how you want (keep in mind…it turns pretty runny so you won’t be able to see stuff as clearly as you like.) what to do with broken crayons

you can either A. lay out in the sun (which is what we did.)

melted crayons outside

or B. put it in the oven on low (on an old baking sheet)

or c. Put it in your car…(if you are looking for a fast melt!!!) then you can teach your kids how it gets even hotter in the car than outside.


then you can just admire… IMG_0882


or cut up and make a suncatcher….
melted crayons craft--a girl and a glue gun melted crayons suncatcher summer survival

melted crayons suncatcher collage

you can also score these fun ice cube molds at joanns or the dollar store and make yourself some awesome shaped crayons  (source)



bb3456bc4284ebb7a6123368fc9d8c91 or turn it into a stained glass window 8c1e681e8e7dc646e214a8d8ea67f2a6


or you could melt your crayons on some hot rocks


summer survival week

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