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Blanket for twins

i made these…oh about a year ago. and never got around to posting about it….

that’s gotta be laziest to the 45th degree.

but i wanted to show you some fabric tutorials in case you are the lucky winner of the most awesome fabric stash giveaway ever. and need some ideas of what to do with ALLTHAT FABRIC (you can send some to me if you want!)

My husband’s coworkers wife (cousins’s sister’s dog) was pregnant with twins…a boy and girl.

and my husband actually came with this idea to make two separate blankets that would button together to make one big blanket…for tummy time.

and since he usually has zero interest in my crafting (except to ask me when the painted frames are going to be removed from the dining room table so we can actually eat at the table.) I had to oblige…

blankets for twins

i made two basic blankets…just two flannels put together with a binding….

the fabric is both bikes…and both have gray, blues and greens

baby quilt

and the backs:

back view

then picked a few buttons that matched… photo 1 (11)

DSC02480 and you know..adding button holes isn’t that hard. i always think it’s tricky…but once you figure out the settings it’s a breeze! my button foot has a place for the button and it will measure how big the whole will need to be…

then it just zips right through it for you! photo 2 (7)

i laid the blankets together and put a pin through the hole to know exactly where to sew the button…

photo 4 (5)

photo 3 (8)

can i do a quick disclaimer: buttons made me really nervous around babies…i didn’t want it be a choking hazard of any kind…

i chose really big buttons and stitched stitched stitched. quadrupled enforced them.

and then i told the mom to be careful….like tummy time and supervised only….


there are 4 buttons on each side….

twin blanket buttons

then you can just button up to make one giant blanket twin blanket s

twin blanket girl side

twin blanket gf

it’s kind of a fun idea…..if you had 4  kids it would be really fun to give them each a blanket that could zip together to form a big huge blanket!
twin blanket thanks for reading!

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