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a flannel blanket….

i am certifictable nuts.


i found myself at joanns.

surrounded by bolts of flannel
tables upon tables of flannel

and i started throwing everything onto my (stupid) little cart.

really. they need some costco carts in that store…

so, the lady at the checkout asks me what i’m making….

and i know i have the deer in the headlights look.

like i have a clue..

but they had all this pretty black and white fabric

and decided it would make a great blanket.
for whom i don’t know.
not. a. clue.
whoever is lucky enough to pop out a baby first wins!
(do i know any pregnant people? nope)
but i have been wanting to make this blanket for awhile. I got a quilt from my husband’s aunt made like this…and i love and adore it…

so heck. why not?
I bought 16 inches of each pattern (5 patterns)
and cut 8 inch squares.
that equals 10 squares per pattern.
then i took each square and put wrong sides together. so the front and back are both pretty.

 that makes it so you have 5 squares of each pattern= 25 squares all together. ie..crib size.

I cut batting that was 6 inches by 6 inches….

and sandwiched it in between each layer of flannel

pin in place

and watched burn notice…..

then i took them to stewart (the sewing machine) and sewed an x across them

then i layed them all out how i wanted them and sewed them together…i put all the edges together on one side…
so all the edges are facing out..(then you snip them…CAREFUL not to cut through the sewing or it will unravel)
(after you wash it the fraying will look more like this:
i added a binding (made the same way i make them for my levi aprons)
(this green on green clashes so bad. like nails on a chalkboard for me)
(i was trying to keep it a gender neutral color)

i *almost* said…i wish i had a baby to take these pictures.
but i don’t. i wish i could borrow someone’s baby to take some pictures and then give it right back as soon as they poop..
but this will have to do..
with some of the other loads of flannel i bought i’ve been cranking out some handwarmers

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