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Archives for October 2013

Happy Halloween!!!! (and the best halloween costume roundup!!!)

i love halloween! my favorite part is dressing up! iluvit!!! this year i was a doll (last year i was flo) and this whole month of October i’ve been sharing fun Halloween costumes on facebook (follow me HERE)   and I thought I would show you the fun we are having…(and a few extras thrown […]

mutual….beauty night!

a couple  weeks ago months. months ago…. (it was weeks when i wrote this..but then i let it sit in my draft box forever seeing how we have moved and i’m no longer in the young woman program in my church (i miss my girls!!!)   so MONTHS ago…. we had a really fun mutual night! […]

halloween costume awards (with free printables!)

  so…i thought it would be fun to make some printables for costume awards for Halloween! Real simple to make and so much fun! I used two scrapbook papers…two 12 inch strips makes a perfect medallion. (about 1 1/2 to 2 inches wide) we go back to old school and  just making the basic fan […]

baby boys memory blanket

I finished this sweet memory blanket for my baby boy… omg. how fast did he grow up!!! (heart strings!) I made it almost a year ago. (you got a sneak peak here) it’s filled with all his old baby blankets, favorite t-shirts, pillows, crib bedding, curtains, all sorts of fun baby things!!!! And we love […]

super saturday ideas!!!!

super saturday is a big huge craft day our church has once a year around fallll time. basically it’s like christmas for moms. i look forward to it every year! and we just had ours a couple saturdays ago—so i thought i would share what we did… and alllllll the things we have done in […]

pumpkins and Duck tape® #stickortreat

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Duck Brand provided by ShurTech Brands, LLC for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. if you haven’t been able to tell yet…i’m pretty much in deep love with duck tape® and the challenge this time was the  Stick or Treat Contest The Duck Tape® […]

skirt to scarf refashion

i cleaned house before i moved–i figured if i cleaned out my crap and got rid of all the stuff i didn’t wear/need/use/want i would save myself extra boxes of crap–and this skirt didn’t make the cut. so i cut it. into a scarf… and it’s such an easy refashion! just a little snip… throw […]

how to attach a ginormous piece of vinyl and Icon Wall Stickers review

I got contacted by icon wall stickers to see if i wanted to do a review! and i said heck yes! There shop is sooo full of awesomeness it literally took me 3 days to pick one! I had it narrowed down to something for my son. He’s been so mellow and good about moving […]

shout out sunday…halloween edition!!!

little blue boo   tatertots and jello        madigan made    family fresh meals delia creates the idea room fun class party game (there are bowls of gross feeling food..cooked carrots..spaghetti etc!)   simple simon denise on a whim eighteen 25 i’m just going to link to this whole series!!! love everything!!! the chickadee […]

Duck Brand® Deco Laminate lamp

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Duck Brand for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. So i scored this cute lamp for my daughter’s room—- and while it’s cute, it’s rather plain. and if you know ANYTHING about me it’s the fact that i can’t leave well enough alone. everything […]

square pumpkins

(this was a guest post from last year….) so–last time i was at bunco the girl had the cutest square pumpkins on her table… and so i recreated them here just for you!  i took a quick trip to home depot and picked up a 4×4 (which i will refrain from my rant about how […]