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Archives for March 2013

shout outs (necklace edition!)

so many pretty necklaces out there…here’s the ones that caught my eye…got carey’d away

neon..it’s so hot right now–necklace week!

(said in a zoolander voice)This week is necklace week. i made a ton of necklace..oh. last august. and they’ve been sitting in my drafts since then…so finally getting them out.up today..the neon necklace bought these at joanns for $2.50 (using a coupon)

shout out sunday

  Make sure for more great stuff to follow me on instagram (agirlandagluegun) kristen duke photography this whole room is fun and girly and i love it.

april fools dinner

first: i feel like i should get 1,000,000 bonus points for being on the ball and posting something BEFORE the actual holiday. it’s an april fools miracle!!!!   I remember my sister doing this for a date dance…and as a  kid (cause my sister was so much OLDER than me (ha! ) I thought it […]

silver fingerprint bracelet (or charm) knock off

one of my favorite posts…and most pinned is my fingerprint pendants (go HERE) They are so fun and easy and it’s a great gift for moms that doesn’t involve macaroni and glue…. they can be turned into charms..keychains..necklace and bracelets (mine are being used as ornaments on a christmas tree) And then i saw these—and i […]

friendship bracelets…kid craft monday!

to go with the sculpey initials we made last week… i totally remember doing these as a kid. and if it was good for me as kid.. it’s good for my snot nosed kids. just kidding about the snot… but they do have noses.. and they are kids. dudes. friendship bracelets are making a comeback! i see […]

the power of DIY….a lamp redo tutorial

my son needed a lamp in his room and me…being me….looked around for one… and gasped when the cheapest one i could find was UGLY. and not that cheap. and i wasn’t wasting money on something will probably be hit with a swordbatfootballanyball mutiple times. so i hit up the thrift stores….. and found this […]

the dentist office…

    back story: i used to work at a kids dentist office. my mother in law is the office manager..and my sister in law was the front desk–and she had a baby…and we kinda did this swap where she would work the mornings and i worked the afternoons. I loved it…it was super fun […]

free candy bar wrapper thank you (and congrats) printables!

cute easy and FREE candy bar printable (thank you and congrats!)