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advent ideas

okay, i’m just as shocked as you are that this is posting BEFORE december….(okay..one day before but still)

but let’s talk advent! Christmas Countdown--free printables of fun things to do during December

i love them

i don’t know about you but my kids are a nuisance i mean really curious about how many days until santa comes and spoils them rotten and ask ALLTHETIME. so i love having a way for them to countdown without me….

which is way we have the christmas countdown here….:

and we also have our chocolate version all ready to be consumed

and now we are going to have a little fun HERE:

I orginally had bought 24 manila envelpoes. then reality hit me what a time suck that would be so i opted for one envelope and then loads of cards to put in it!!!

got them all printed up and cut out

and glued them to some cardstock,

distressed them and laminated them.. christmas ideas

christmas 2 christmas 3 christmas printables 1

i even laminated the envelope

you just take an exacto knife and slice the opening

i’ll just stick whatever works for that day in the envelope and we will party on!

i also made some printables for the 12 days of christmas:

and just numbers….

and did you see this adorable idea by cheri:
someone did the 12 days of christmas to her family and gave them a piece of a nativity each day! how fun and inexpensive. you could attach a little story to each one. LOVE THIS!
(p.s. did you see her nativity blocks! ADORABLE!)
and made wrapped up all their favorite christmas stories
i don’t know about your kids..but you could give my kids some toilet paper wrapped up and they would be thrilled…they just love unwrapping!!!!
and the csi project had a linky party devoted to advent
and showed the winners HERE like this awesome toilet paper one from brown paper packages

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