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our diyed christmas presents–superhero mask, stamped scarves, and a dog house!

I thought before we get any further into jan…i would show you a couple random christmas presents…. diy of course. we didn’t get all hog crazy like last year–(we (sisters) took pity on ourselves and said no to homemade this year)   but Monday before christmas me and the kids were all sitting around. ¬†you […]

baby boys memory blanket

I finished this sweet memory blanket for my baby boy… omg. how fast did he grow up!!! (heart strings!) I made it almost a year ago. (you got a sneak peak here) it’s filled with all his old baby blankets, favorite t-shirts, pillows, crib bedding, curtains, all sorts of fun baby things!!!! And we love […]

bandana bow tie (all hot glue!)

i love a man in bow tie. i love a little boy in bow ties even more! and this hot glue bow tie is really easy!!!!! you need 1 bandana…and a hot glue gun. 1. this is the bandana i used…you will want to pick which section you want to show before you slice and […]

bandana for the boy

  now…not to leave out the boy… i’ve got some fun ¬†bandana boy ideas! my son loves dress up…and pirates…and anything violent. so try out this easy bandana mask.. i folded over one bandana to make a triangle and stitch along the bottom (you can omit the is step if you want) then i cut […]

for the boys that like cars–sew a car holder

(this post may contain affiliate links)   I love that my son loves cars. $1.00 car gets a lot done around here (bribery!) But he need a cute way to display them! I got a yard of red flannel…..and cut it in half (i’m making two car holders!) ( If I was to do it […]