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Easter Egg Hunt ideas

Gosh I love Pinterest. I keep having all these amazing Easter egg hunt ideas popping up in my feed so I had to put together a whole list of all these fun ideas! But here is your warning–If you start doing a fun Easter egg hunt–your kids are not going to let you go back to a regular one! Don’t set the bar high unless you are ready for the responsibility!

Puzzle version! Love this non candy option! 

puzzle easter egg idea

This is for Candy–but could easily be used for picking easter eggs!  from Cupcake Diaries

a fun electronic version of the easter egg hunt ! 

Magnetic egg–such a cool idea!

Easter Egg hunt –scavenger style! 

A fun easter egg checklist!


Glow in the dark easter egg hunt 

Indoor balloon Hunt 

balloon hunt idea


Easter egg privilege cards!  What a clever idea! My kids would be thrilled to get one of these!




scavenger hunt (also a blank version that you can fill in! )

easter hunt scavenger check list


exercise themed hunt


lego themed easter egg hunt

lego egg hunt idea


Fun learning game


This Balloon Easter egg hunt is perfect for those littles!

balloon easter egg hunt idea

Numbered eggs–

easter egg numbered



Color coordinating Easter egg hunt! I love this idea because everyone gets exactly the same amount!

color coordinated easter egg hunt

Try this fitness egg hunt –work off that candy! 

fitness easter egg hunt

Easter egg hunt –April fools style!

april fools easter egg hunt


Easter egg coupons! (great idea if you want non candy!)

Easter egg hunt coloring match up. 

Okay! I’m dying to know what one is your favorite? I personally want to try the electronic QR code for my teenager! I think she would have a blast with it! Maybe I will just do one a day for the whole week of Easter!!

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