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Glow in the dark egg hunt!

try this fun twist on easter egg hunt--glow in the dark great for kids and teens

I’ve got a super fun twist on an Easter egg hunt!!! How about a glow in the dark Easter egg hunt!? My husband works Easter day this year–and won’t be home until dark! And I didn’t want him to feel left out! I also think these would be super fun for little kids–or if you are looking for an Easter egg hunt alternative to all that candy! (Although I used bigger eggs so you could totally fit candy in there too!)

Here’s what you need: (affiliate links)


Flameless Battery Operated Tea lights

Plastic Easter eggs (make sure the tea lights can fit inside and the egg can be closed completely! )
glow in the dark eggs


I put together a fun video–you can really see how well they glow!!

Turn on the lights…and put in egg
glow lights Then wait until dark! glow eggs for easter

They glow so amazing! (and as you can see they all take on yellow no matter what egg color you use!) They would be really fun on the table at Easter dinner! A little ambiance! glow in the dark easter egg hunt

warning We actually had ours on for over an hour and they didn’t get hot at all. But different brands might have different results! easter egg bucket


Now…we did try this with glow sticks… And they worked…okay. There weren’t fantastically bright–which might be a little harder to find on an Easter egg hunt (which could be fun) and I just had the long sticks that I folded inside and after awhile they would pop open the egg. So maybe glow sticks like THESE would be better. And of course…one time use.

BUT–they ARE more colorful!  glow sticks easter eggs for a fun glow in the dark easter egg hunt

you can check out the video here:


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