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Easter Egg Hunt ideas free Printables

Don’t get me wrong. I love a good classic Easter Egg Hunt! But TODAY I have lots of fun ideas to really vamp up your hunt! (and I’ve included free printables just to make your life easier!)  Most of these games are educational too (insert mom laugh!) But they are so fun that kids won’t realize that they are learning while they are having fun! These would be great to play in a classroom!

7 different printables and variations on how to play each one! So many options!

Here is what you need to get started:

  • Printables (link at the bottom of this post)
  • Easter Eggs in different colors and sizes
  • Scissors (to cut out printables)
  • Candy to fill Easter Eggs–I totally recommend SweeTARTS Sour Bunny Gummies Treat Size Pouches and SweeTARTS Egg Fillers. They are the perfect affordable treats to stuff Easter Eggs of all sizes
  • Tape (for some printables)
  • pencil/crayons (for some printables)

First….before we dive into–I wanted to talk about the SweeTARTS Egg Filler bag–it’s 190 pieces of your favorite original, chew and extreme sour chewy SweeTARTS treats! 190 pieces! That’s a LOT of eggs!  And the limited edition  SweeTARTS Sour Bunny Gummies are so good. SO GOOD. And they are the perfect treat size pouch to fit inside the Easter Eggs. Grab one (or more of each) and you can fill up so many eggs–(if you don’t eat them all first!) Also…if you couldn’t tell..I love color. So Bonus points for matching my printables!


Easter egg Hunt printable #1: Numbered eggs

I’m starting with my favorite! The numbered one! We usually have Easter egg hunts with my family and that means kids of all ages. The bigger kids usually end up with 30 eggs while the younger kids are still trying to open up their first one to get the candy! So I love this version–everyone is guaranteed to walk away with the same amount of eggs! 

Cut up the numbers and tape on the outside of eggs. Each kid can ONLY get 1 of each number until they have all 12 of their eggs! It prolongs the hunt and kids will be running around trying to find 9 or whatever number they are missing! I usually hide all my #1’s easy (out in the open) and work my way up…so 12 is hidden the hardest of all. That way some kids won’t take all the easy ones while others are hunting forever!


Variation: you can also put them inside and turn it into a scavenger hunt. Come up with fun hints and write on the back of each one. (or just write “mailbox” and then hide the next egg in the mailbox!) OR. hide the numbers inside. Tell them they can only get twelve and after they open their eggs….have them add them up and the highest number wins!

Easter hunt printable#2: Colored scavenger hunt.

Make sure to buy all different colored eggs for this. But the idea is that each person has their own printable and has to cross off the colored egg on their sheet as they find their colored eggs. (A great way to learn colors AND make sure everyone ends up with equal amount of eggs)

Variation: Have kids find things around the house or yard that matches the eggs on the printable. Something yellow. Something blue. (that bottom right egg is GOLD! )

Easter egg printable #3: Color in your own.

Same basic idea as above…but kids can color in their own eggs. You can lay out all the eggs you are using in your hunt and they kids can draw them out. So if you have a fun striped egg or flower egg…they can decorate their eggs to match!

(Variation: you can use this purely as a coloring page. Decorate each Easter egg different!)

Easter egg printable #4 ABC

This printable comes with a big sheet and a little sheet. Cut apart the big sheet so each letter is separate. Then you can tape to the eggs and kids have to find each letter of the alphabet. As they find them…you can cross off the letters on the little sheet. 



You can play this so many ways. You can use only the letters of the kid’s name (great for preschoolers who are learning!) You can hide the letters inside and then each kid can gather up 5 and try to make a word out of their letters. You can have each member of classroom find one egg and try to come up with an Easter word that starts with the letter in their egg.


Easter egg hunt printable #5 Easter Scavenger hunt.

All the eggs listed out and kids have to find them all.

On this list is some fun character eggs. (you can find most of these in the Easter section. But I’ve included the printables to make your own! )

Just cut apart and glue to the eggs!  There is a little tab on the carrot top and Easter bunny ears to attach to the egg.

Here is the chick:

This bunny one is my favorite! He looks like he is ready to eat a SweeTARTS Sour Bunny Gummies Treat!

This Easter egg hunt idea is another great way to ensure that kids only end up with the correct amount–and of course prolongs the hunt a little bit!) 


Easter egg hunt printable #6 Fill in the Blank

This is pretty similar to the above one…except it’s BLANK! You can fill in what kinds and colors your eggs are. OR you can fill in WHERE you hide the eggs. This is fun because you can put eggs EVERYWHERE and kids can get some major exercise as they run from the mailbox to the kitchen to the flower pot! (you can be as specific as you want…or vague!)

Fun variation: My kids love hiding eggs–so you can have each kid hide eggs for their brother/sister/cousin/friend. They can hide the eggs and write down where they hid it and then when it’s Easter Egg Hunt time they can all exchange lists with one another!

Okay last one!

Easter hunt printable #7: How many.

You can just let the hunt commence as normal. Each person can gather a certain amount of eggs…or as many as they want. THEN you hand them the printable to count up how many of each color they got! (math!) If you really want them to use their brain you can have them turn them into fractions and percentages. (depending on age!) 

Variation: You can hide different amounts of SweeTARTS Egg Fillers in each egg. So they have to count how many pieces of candy they got in all their pink eggs and green eggs etc.

There you go! So many fun Eastere Egg Hunt ideas! My kids are so excited! WE might have to have an Easter Egg Hunt every day for a week! (good thing there the SweeTARTS Egg Filler bag comes in at a whopping 52 oz!! Plenty of candy to have lots of hunting fun! )


you can grab all these Easter printables here! 



This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SweeTARTS. The opinions and text are all mine.

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