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Halloween popcorn


Today I have a fun roundup–All about a quick and easy treat for Halloween–Halloween popcorn! What I love about this is that you can can take any fun caramel popcorn recipe…add food coloring or fun treats and have such a different take! I have an especially yummy baked caramel popcorn recipe. 

So here are some fun and easy ideas to wow at any Halloween party!

Marshmallow Spider Popcorn 

super cute snack mix


Gooey Caramel Apple monster corn 



cute halloween treats

adorable witch popcorn hands

super cute popcorn spooky bags with face

halloween popcorn


Jello flavored popcorn cups

ghostbuster halloween popcorn

cool bloody popcorn

cute monster popcorn balls 

monster munch

Ghostly Grub

Candy corn white chocolate popcorn


Popcorn pumpkin balls

Popcorn on the cob

candy popcorn on a stick



adorable popcorn bar


White chocolate popcorn in fun treat box

Zombie Boogers


Candy corn popcorn gift idea


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