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Fiesta party

TODAY IS THE DAY! I get to show you the fun Fiesta party we had for my daughter! Big thanks to Oriental Trading! They have an AMAZING fiesta line (okay…they actually have amazing EVERYTHING! If you want to party…make sure to check them out! So much fun stuff! I literally want to throw a flamingo party…just cause!

Okay! Let’s get down to it! 

First up…let’s talk party decor!

you saw the Fiesta printables yesterday! Behind is this awesome fringe garland! It was so windy when we decorated so it’s blowing for the photos…but it was so fun! It would look great along the front of a table or as a photo backdrop! 

We also grabbed some of these paper cactus to add to the table!


We had some fun Balloons–diy cactus style too!  Just a sharpie and a v shape! 

I even added a tissue paper flower to the top of the for a fun cactus feel!

We also added these foam cactus we made for my laundry room to the table!

The pinata was part of the games–but looked so cute on the table until it was ready to get hit! Oriental Trading also has a cute cactus pinata…and a taco pinata! I wanted all three!

We filled the cactus with candy…and these adorable little taco coin purses! (I couldn’t resist those!) 


We had a fun custom sign on the lightbox (with vinyl! tutorial should be up soon)

and across this table was this colorful woven serape! You know I love color so a Fiesta is so fun and COLORful!

Okay…let’s talk FOOD!

We had lots of kids coming. and I did not want to spend the day in the kitchen! So we opted for chips and dips! Guacamole, cheese and salsa!

We did diy this fun treat…dipped pretzels with little paper sprinkles on them to look like a cactus!

Also had to make some cupcakes (it is a birthday party after all!)


You can grab the printables for these cacti here! 

And we had to add some plates to pile up our food on! Oriental had a couple fun patterns to chose from! but I ended up with these!

Let’s talk BACKDROPS! I knew with 14 year olds…selfies and photos are a part of life! I wanted to give them a cute spot to snap those photos! It’s super easy to do! You just need some streamers! Luckily Oriental Trading has loads of colors!

I just taped them to a fence in a fun pattern! I even used some leftover tablecloth that I trimmed off from our board games to color block it!  

You can add fun photo props–like mustaches or sombreros!

This one is a blue tablecloth with the streamers going down!  This inflatable cactus  was originally as a decor….but we ended up using it as a fun photo prop too! 


A few days ago you saw our fun doodled maracas! 

We also got to crack open the pinata (so game…and TREATS!)

and of course the Giant board games were a big hit!

So there you go! Our fun Fiesta 14 party! I love decorating and all the party prep. The 30 kids that hang out around my house…not my favorite part! 

You could also make some fun tissue paper flowers to add to the tables! 


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