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Giant Board games


Part 2 of my daughter’s party with Oriental Trading is….GAMES!

What’s more fun than games…? GIANT GAMES! I have a couple super fun ones for you! They are perfect for a backyard party! We hung them on the fences and side of the house…but we could totally find a blank wall in the house and tape it up there!

These two games are sooo easy! All they take is some Paper Plates and Plastic Tablecloths (and scissors and tape)   I grabbed them from Oriental Trading because they have all the colors and the perfect shape of plates!

First up ..let’s talk Connect 4!

Yellow Tablecloth

Red dessert plates

Black dessert plates (these are smaller because you need lots! 21 each! If all the squares get filled in!

I looked at the connect 4 board…and it was 7 across and 6 up! So I just used the plates and a sharpie to outline each spot! The tablecloth was a lot longer than needed so I trimmed off a little bit! 

Then I just used packaging tape on the back of the plates. It sticks perfectly to the plastic tablecloth…and comes off easy when the game is over!

Now…Tic Tac Toe!

Red tablecloth

Square Black dinner plates

I cut the plates to make our own X and O’s!


Instead of a sharpie I had black electrical tape that I used for the lines!

As you can see…I literally just taped it up to the side of our fence! (the Connect 4 is bigger and so we put it on the side of our house! 

In the past we have also done giant twister

and giant jenga! 



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