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5 fun games to play with Paper plates

I’ve come up with 5 fun games to play with paper plates because My kids. and summer. home. all day. They need some entertaining about 3 days in… (for their sanity and mine!) But I don’t like things that will break the bank–So 

5 fun games to play with paper plates

5 fun games that the kids will love- and the best part is- it won’t break the bank! Cheap and easy! win win!

1. Paper plate toss paper plate toss

You need a paper towel roll (or wrapping paper) We wrapped ours in duck tape. and hot glued to the middle of the plate! Then cut circles in the middle of other plates!

hot glue recycle

fun summer games for cheap

2. Paper plate race paper plate race

You need to do nothing…just give each player two paper plates.

The objective is to get across the finish line…while only touching paper plates. step on one and put the other in front. Step on that and grab the one behind and put it back in front! It’s super fun and everyone has a different strategy- (placing it far apart or small quick steps!)

Here is quick video to show you how it’s played!

3. Paper plate tennis paper plate tennis 1

Popsicle sticks hot glued on the back of plates…

paper plate with hot glue and add a balloon

balloon games

objective is to not let the balloon touch the ground!


4.Paper plate color and number paper plate color and number

This could be played in multiple ways! I had 6 colors of plates…6 of each color. with 1-6 written on them. Then we spread on the lawn and rolled the dice (just a block we painted…but they have big foam ones at the dollar store!) and called out the color and number. first one to find it wins! It was a super fun race–and great exercise! If you have younger kids this would be awesome for learning numbers and colors!

5. Paper plate tic tac toe.   paper plate tic tac toe

We literally just spray painted the grass—and tossed plates like Frisbee. (each person had a different color!)

spray paint tic tac toe

and I wanted to show you this cute honorable mention: a toss game!

009 copy




5 fun games to play with Paper plates–plus one more–we whipped up this GIANT connect four game with paper plates! You should try it!


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