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Geometric wood Heart

Remember when I made a million and half wood frames?? I’m pretty sure I still have slivers from it.

And with those slivers I have a pile of scrap wood–all the small ends–that husband has asked me to chuck. But I’m a hoarder and have to hold onto them. So I’ve been looking for excuses to use them so I can prove that I really need to clutter our garage with them–


Enter scrap geometric wood heart! geometric wood heart

Lemme be honest. Not 100% in love with it. I mean I like them…but I just don’t LURVE them.

I made them two ways…the thinner woods connect at the corners while the thicker wood (above red heart) overlaps. Overlap makes them a little more sturdy.  what to do with scrap wood I painted them, sanded them, added some stain on the edges and then glued them together with wood glue.  scrap hearts Then nailed them with my nail gun (you could hammer them in if you don’t have a nail gun)

For the red heart I decided to add an arrow–just a dowel and I drilled a hole into the sides to fit! dowel and hole


I just hot glued the ribbon onto the back so I could attach it to my command hook on my front door.  (Had to swap out my snowflake)


Since the wood is heavy…every time you shut the door it will bang against the door. I just stuck a piece of poster putty to keep it stuck to the door. wood putty

Here is the thinner wood one

scrap wood heart for Valentines day

cute and easy valentine decor So I have one on my door..and one on my mantel…and I’m still on the fence about them! cute and easy valentines decor

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