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Make a giant wood snowflake

(This was supposed to post LAST monday! )


January is limbo month for my front door! I have a seasonal wreath for my front door for every month…but January.

So I fixed it! With scrap wood!!!  diy giant wooden snowflake great front door This cute snowflake costs less than $4 to make! and it’s pretty dang big! big giant diy snowflake The piece of wood was $2 and I just cut it down into three pieces (I measure my front door and made sure it wasn’t too big–but these would be so stinking cute on the porch in like 3 different sizes!) Then I used a package of cedar shims! (also $2.) wood shims Painted everything white wood boards I glued them together using wood glue  glue the sticks I glued the snowflake all together and then added some nails to reinforce it. snowflake pieces


I then dipped a paint brush in some stain and just ran it along the edges for a more rustic look. Sand papered it as well and then gave the whole thing a spray with glitter (cause I’m a girl and I like glitter.)  glitter spray paint

I hung it on my front door–using a command hook and a ribbon hot glued to the back of the snowflake! how to hang a wreath on a door

I’m pretty sure I’m going to make about 3 more for my yard…I kind of hope that it stays snowy for awhile so I have time to get them done! Knowing me I will get them down right around the fourth of July.

make your own giant wood snowflake! super easy!

really fun wreath for your front door

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