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balloon invitations with free printables

Daughter is turning 7! My Baby. ah! she seems so little until she falls asleep in the car and I have to carry her into the house!

Anyways. I wanted to show you her fun party invitations–and I’ve got some free printables for you at the end!

fun and unique birthday printables--pop the balloon and hidden inside is all the details!

I didn’t want anything character themed (even though she wants a frozen party. (a blue cake counts right!)

and I wanted something super fun and colorful…because that is my daughter!

I hoped on picmonkey and created a little paper with all the details



Then I just folded up a paper and put it inside the balloon! (you can use a funnel or if the balloon is big enough it just fits right in.) You could also add confetti… If you hate the person’s mother.

balloon invitation

fun printables for free party invites

My original plan was to put holes in the paper and tie a string through…

party invitations

but then I decided washi tape would be more fun…and easier.

kids free printable invitations

the chalkboard:

balloon printable polka dot invitations invitation for birthday party balloon 1 balloon 2 balloon 3 balloon 4 balloon 5 balloon invitation balloon invite 2 balloon invite 21 colorful party invites

head HERE for round two! party-balloon-birthday-invitations.-Pop-the-balloon-for-invites

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