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Balloon confetti Invites!

My eldest daughter is having a birthday party! (for the record…we do BIRTHDAY PARTIES every other year. And then we do a nice little easy movie and dinner (or activity of their choice) with just the family on the other year.

Cause I like to keep my hair and sanity!

Anyways…this is her PARTY year!

We were actually going to redo the invitations from my other’s daughter party (go here to see them and get free printables)  kids-free-printable-invitations But them we decided to make balloon invitations…2.0.

party  balloon birthday invitations. Pop the balloon for invites

Basically the same….but the hard work is done for you!

Fill with confetti. (you can never have too much. fill that sucker full!) confetti balloons We used a funnel! use a funnel

Hopped on Picmonkey and designed an invitation invitations for birthday party Fold up invitations  so they fit in the balloon. fill in balloons Then blow and tie on a printable (found below!)  pop printables I even added a pin (be careful!)  pop me balloon full of confetti

They were so fun! WE had a blast passing them out to her friends!

here is the printable (just right click and save to your computer)
tag for balloons

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