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Bedroom Wall….

If you are regular reader of this blog…than you are awesome. and you know my woes of my house. Since it’s my first real house…I have to really decorate it…and I overthink and stress and then hate everything I do.

it’s been real fun.

i literally lay in bed and plan out crap in my head and have a BRILLIANT (to me) idea…and buy all the stuff for it…and by the time I receive it in the mail…I’ve already changed my mind. And my master bedroom is a huge problem. I’ve literally bought fabric four times..and don’t like it once it’s here.

(and that is why I don’t let my husband know my paypal password.)

But I think i’m finally on track with my master bedroom…. (you can go here to see the before and my thought process) but here is my color scheme i’ve picked out (don’t hold me to this though!!)

bedroom 1

But here’s my problem…I have this like GIANT wall…(I seem to have one in every major room in my house!)

work in progress

I’m throwing up some big board and batten like this: 339035659d9bb3f80bab9ccb24c4332a


but then I get stuck….how to decorate it…..

so I’m turning to my decorating gurus…YOU!

┬áMy idea is to showcase my favoritest of our family pictures….so should I ………

find some vintagey goodness….



diy some fun frames and add the dates…

DIY Gallery Wall With Old Family Pictures (17)_thumb[1] source

clip them up…



keep it simple and all aligned…

ginaoh source

Get some rustic wood and use it frame it out…



maybe burlap and clips barnwood-trio-project


or fabric backing Framed Canvas Tutorial by Becki Adams source

hang with some fun chain…

wall-frames-with-finials source

stencil out a border



rustic frames with old wood… Spring+Shabby+Chic+Mantel+21 source

I love everything about this…

2 (1)

and this…
DIY-rustic-wedding-photo-clipboards-photographs source

or this idea on a large scale…



or how about some clipboards D7K_7251_thumb1


or some gorgeous cut it out frames

Lolly Jane funky picture frame kids display source

alright–hit me…what’s your favorite? or something I haven’t posted? leave me comments!!!

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