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wave bottle for kids!

My kids came home from school with a fun little pamphlet full of “experiments”. and my kids have been begging to try the Wave Bottle all summer long!!!! And since Idaho is pretty far from any REAL ocean waves….I thought we could recreate a fun little version. wave bottle how to for kids--agirlandagluegun.com It’ s super easy…and most items you have on hand. You just need a clear bottle, white vinegar (or water), coloring, and oil (baby, canola, or vegetable oil) supplies for wave bottle

fill bottle with 1/3 vinegar  and add coloring. Then add oil. Oil sits up top and won’t mix! I hot glued the lid on to make sure I didn’t end up with a blue mess on my floor!

how to make a wave bottle


then swirl—It’s really fun to watch…and totally lame to try to get in a photograph!
wave bottle a girl and a glue gun



This would be great for a “calm down” activity. or a great sensory activity. You can even put sea shells, glitter,  or small items inside and watch them ride the waves!

You can even get sciencey and turn it into a lesson about density and why the two don’t mix!

wave bottle --a girl and a glue gun


if you need some more fun and easy ideas check out my roundup of jars for kids! PicMonkey Collagejars


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