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mason jars…for kids!

so remember how i hoard jars…well i’ve decided to do something with them! the first round was all about painting….(you can go HERE)

this round is all for kids…….

You might have seen this lava lamp around pinterest (well….sort of lava lamp…)

well..we tried it…and it was a blast!!!!
you just add….
and then you add….
and then…

and then…..wonderment.

my kids loved it. so much that when my husband took some cold relief cause he was ACTUALLY sick they cried that he was wasting the alkaseltzer.

these jars are also great for holding your kids most prized possessions (ie….rocks and balls)

also loving this mind jar–you know when you kids are totally out of control….you put them in time out..with the jar…you shake it and they watch the glitter float around…when it finally floats to the bottom they are out of time out..and hopefully mellowed out.


okay…so we tried this pipe cleaner one…doesn’t neccesarily work with glass jars….but we had an empty mayo jar that’s plastic and it worked! (and it’s super fun) we invented loads of different games –like picking a different color and only trying to get that color…or seeing who could get the most. my kids just love magnetics (they are like magic) so this was a hit!


how fun would it be to watch these flowers slowly change colors? jars would be perfect to hold these!


this sand art is so clever! all it takes it colored chalk and salt! (and a mess…but usually the messy projects are the biggest hit with the kids.)


this uh oh jar is going to be a summer staple in my house….
if you are caught being grouchy or whiny…you have to take a chore out of the uh oh jar….wait?! do you hear that? moms everywhere are clapping…

love when science and fun are united!!!!!! you can shake this baby up…and then watch it separate again! pretty cool if you ask me!
jellyfish in a jar! (it’s a plastic grocery bag….) but it looks veeeerrrry coool!
now…why these next too are not GLASS Jars..but plastic bottles..they were just too fun not to include
(did you catch that..DO NOT USE GLASS JARS!)
night bowling with glow sticks
and plastic bottle painting..
alright…my stash is slowly whittling away…..
you can see what you can do with paint!

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