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football practice

my sister in law (and brother) made this for my son and my nephew for christmas and it’s so much fun! i just had to share…(but it’s been cold so i was too chicken to go out and take pictures until now)

the basic rundown: took a tarp..cut out shapes.. zip tied it around a big pvc pipe frame…

she added some pegs so you can hammer it into the ground..
then she took some fun duck (or duct…i never know now what to say!) and wrapped it around the sides of the openings…
and wrote a point value with a sharpie….

she (and he..) included some stakes and rope to tie the sides so it doesn’t wobble….

then you just chuck a football and see how good your aim is… (mine sucks)
his aim is better… he even has the spiral down!

now that the weather is above the teens we are using it alot!!!

and when you are done you can pull the pvc pipe apart and slide it out of the zip ties and it stores in a corner of the garage!!!!!
and if your sports is soccer…check out this awesome soccer net!

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