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spring break–fun games for kids *supplies found around the house!

indoor games for kids boredoom buster!

Spring break makes me so excited (i love to sleep in!)

but then i do this dread thing like how do i keep my kids entertained when the weather is iffy at best!

So i came up with some fun easy games that can be played indoor (or outdoor–weather permitting)

and all are made up of supplies you have around the house!!!!

jello dig

jello dig


jello dig supplies

You won’t eat the jello…cause the pennies are in it. So if you have some that expired than it would be perfect!

Make jello according to instructions and drop in some pennies.

you can use chopsticks or skewers. Let the kids try to dig them out.

after it was done (and since they were outside) they put their hands in and squished it around. they LOVED it.


stand up

stand up

no supplies!

sit on the ground back to back….and link arms

try to stand!

(i also found a cute game where you stand back to back- arms linked on top of an open newspaper. the goal was to push the person off the newspaper–but my kids are too different in heights that it didn’t’ work for us!


book  balance

book balance

supplies: books!

We had a race to see who could get from one side of the yard to the other.

(for my littler kids i told them if the book fell off they had to completely stop to fix them. as soon as their hands touched the book– their feet had to stop. But if you had bigger kids you could make them go back to the beginning!)

my eldest loved and it tried walking down the stairs and around the house without letting the book fall!


Pencil Poke

pencil poke


pencil poke supplies


this one will be played lots!

cover the mug with the kleenex and secure it with the rubber band. put the coin on top.

roll the dice and whatever number you get you have to poke the kleenex that many times.

the person who makes the coin fall on their turn loses! It actually takes quite awhile. I thought a few pokes and it would fall…but we went about 4 rounds each until it broke through!


PENNY pitch

Penny pitch

(okay. i watch cougar town so it’s also known as penny can!)

supplies are just a can (or cup or bowl) and pennies!

just a simple toss. I was going to give my kids some papers and have them draw a target on them and try to toss them onto the targets…but they thought the cans were fun.




this is greater than just setting up cups and knocking them over…cause then you have to go and set them back up.


bowling supplies

you need to cut the box and make it look like this:


so the box has a ramp. (i added some duck tape to keep the flaps in place

then you put the cups in the box and then stand back and roll the balls up into the box and try to get them into the cups!

(my son said it reminded him of Skeeball!!!!)


balloon blow

balloon blow

supplies: balloon

this one is played at almost any party that has balloons! blow up the balloon and tie it off. Goal is to keep your balloon in the air the longest (little kids can use hands) but big kids have to only use their mouths and blow blow blow

you could totally use feathers too!


make some paper plate paddles and play balloon tennis


house of cards

house of cards


deck of cards

i found these at the dollar store!

you go through the deck and cut notches on all sides…


then let you kids build a house of cards by connecting the notches…

and you can play boys against girls and if girls win they will buy a new tv…


one of my favorite episodes!


candy wrap

candy wrap


candy wrap supplies

bubble gum would be great for this too!

have kids place socks on their hands and try to unwrap candy.

(we found the socks to easy! next round will be with oven mitts for more of a challenge. If you have little little kids then socks would be PERFECT..)


Painter’s Tape!

download (2)

Here’s the deal. give your kids a roll of painters tape

we have done  hop scotch and four square in the kitchen…


i’ve seen car paths.

photo-169 b44d722b84cf7340b3fe3333b16957c2

lasers maze

IMG_1136 (1)

balancing act


tic tac toe


your kids will go wild.


Ball bounce

ball bounce


supplies for ball bounce

We just had two bowls…and a bunch of balls…and my kids totally just went for it!

they figured out what balls worked best (the small bouncy balls)

they did it with one bounce and tried to get it in the bowl.

they tried to bounce and the other person had to catch it.

ball bounce 3

then they rolled it off the table and had to catch it!


Paper plates–so many fun ideas!



dry erase nerf targets.

nerf guns

supplies: dry erase markers, nerf guns.

we do this often. draw a target on window and mirror and let the kids go at it. (so much better then shooting each other. it lasts about 3 minutes before someone is crying)


other super fun ideas:

marshmallow building


we are currently eating spaghettios, corn and green beans so we can have enough cans to  try these tin can stilts!

Tin Can Stilts

fun marshmallow shooter


anyone would love a balance board


there are so many paper airplane patterns out there…google it and give your kids a handful of scrap paper!


trash robots




give your kids some paper towel rolls and let them make some fun mazes for marbles!

IMG_2269 (1)


and grab some magnets and put them on the fridge


 paper product games


drawing with cars! we are doing this tomorrow!


Buy a giant pack of cups…and check out these fun games:



you can go here to see more kid funness

Follow Kimberly West (a girl and a glue gun)’s board kids craft crap on Pinterest.


and here

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AND if you still have bored kids….go HERE for  minute to win it games!!! treasure trove!

About Kimbo

Kimbo blogs at A girl and a glue gun--where she puts her hot glue gun to good use (as well as her vinyl cutter and sewing machine) She loves all crafts and is thrifty (the nice way to say she's cheap) So she is constantly trying to come up with fast and easy projects that won't break the bank! She lives in Idaho with her hot husband and 3 kiddos.