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my new house…update! and a plea for help!!!

EDITED TO ADD! I have added some fun things to my house (it has been almost three years now! Head HERE to see them!)

Guys…I am having such a hard time with this house!!!!! (I moved 4 months ago..you can go HERE to see the move in pictures)


Don’t get me wrong. i love it. so much. i could go on and on and on and on. soft water….water and ice in the door of the fridge…having a garage to park in….the space…oh the space.

but this house just leaves me….overwhelmed. I can’t make any real decision about which direction to go in decorating. I think I find something I like…





then ten pins later i’m like…scratch that…let’s go….




I can’t make any choices….

my husband is all….hey kim, do you want to actually hang up this pile of pictures…


and i say yup. sure will. as soon as i decided how and were to put them.

There is a chair in my living room that has been moved 4 times.

i have moved every picture about 3 times…

i had a great idea…and then scratched it.

i keep bouncing from in between making it fun…

i’m not afraid of color…but i feel like i’m walking a fine line between

making it look like an adult lives here and not like a disney tv show apartment.

and then on top of that my husband is a big fat chicken with no vision.

the MAIN problem:

the wall color.

don’t get me wrong. it’s BEautiful.  it’s a Taupe/ beige.. a very pretty taupe…

but as i lay out all my decorations and color schemes…i realize. i’m a cool person.

super cool.

no. i mean cool tones. i like grays and whites…

and this taupe is very warm.

and then sometimes i think, Kim, let’s repaint this sucka.

then i turn around and see this…..


all the doors are painted taupe too…and i’m totally not that into painting….(who is?)

not to mention that this house is not even a year old. so basically i would be painting over brand new paint….

but then i see pins like this….


argh! i know eventually i will paint…but that is down the road.

and to make matters worse…PINTEREST

pinterest is like hey “kim, don’t you want fun coral in your bedroom.” “kim, this green is the perfect shade,”   “no, kim, you need to go BLUE. dark blue, light blue. all blue.”

But to make matters better…PINTEREST

There are just so many fun ideas and i love organizing them all.

(i have a home decor one that is basically living rooms

a craft room

kitchen /dining room

master bedroom

laundry room

bathroom crap


one for my ACTUAL house

one for each kid

not to mention decorating crap

and paint colors 

I need a pintervention.

what i’m trying to say is. I’m lost. i need a decorator.

I was all excited to decorate my fireplace (so many fun mantels ideas out there…..


and husband stuck the world’s largest tv up there. candlesticks thingies aren’t staying…but i don’t know what to put up there…its just so cold with that tv only. I wanted a couple fun vases with sticks..but the ledge isn’t large enough (ideas? anyone? anyone? bueller?)



this giant wall in my living room is giving me fits…


it’s HUGE..that arch kills me…and i have ideas…but we are buying new couches and i don’t know what color..or if it’s going to be a sectional or what…so i don’t want to do anything permanent until I  have them…

here’s another really random shot of the wall…


I originally wanted to go BOLD…



but then i was so nervous that you would walk in be like…holy blue walllllllll.

(and husband has told me heck no. but that won’t stop me. he leaves for work and that will leave me 12 hours to get it done before he gets back.)

and then i thought it would look super fun with grasscloth wallpaper and board and batten.



maybe a fun fake sofa table behind the couch….

IMG_5419 source

i want some kind of shelf in there…

PicMonkey Collage shelves source and source

or maybe even a shelf with a pop of color…



the cuckoo clock is getting a makeover (i’m so excited…but i can’t finish it until i know the wall color that is going on behind it…)

and i need a rug…no ideas for that yet…

and a coffee table..

0f2ef6204e1e6ca03c773f0fef06d55d source

i also have these two windows that flank my fireplace.


house pic from mls listing

POCATELLO546849E i can’t really decide if i should do curtains or not. (or just frame the windows out with molding)

and if i do do curtains…do i do busy patterns? or nice linen looking ones?

and do i do one panel per window


we are looking at the curtains…..not the fact that this is a bedroom!


or double panels?



ah! and then i shut down and don’t do anything! too.many.options.

 I do know two things. i want color.

and i want it to fun

and then i just curl up and suck my thumb about the rest!

I keep coming back thinking maybe i’m forcing it. like the right idea will surface eventually–but patience was never a virtue with me.

I do have a couple spots i have been working on (random nooks and spots) So i’m excited to start showing you! (don’t worry–this blog will never turn into a home decor one! too stressful.

i will take 10 minute crafts over a room design any day!)

just for fun…here are some pinterest pins that i keep coming back to. they are just my favorite as far as living rooms go!








source 3b0a3d9050e97a1b49206eabf92ec734




do you guys have a living room or home decor pinterest board?? leave me the link so i can see what you like!!!

699f64c081de54b111a3e170d012f5e8 source

UPDATE!!!! You can go here to see my updated house!


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Kimbo blogs at A girl and a glue gun--where she puts her hot glue gun to good use (as well as her vinyl cutter and sewing machine) She loves all crafts and is thrifty (the nice way to say she's cheap) So she is constantly trying to come up with fast and easy projects that won't break the bank! She lives in Idaho with her hot husband and 3 kiddos.