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My new house..

Holy roller coaster people.


Okay. so if you have been reading my blog for awhile….you are aware of the fact that we have been house shopping.

and it sucked.

first: i wanted an older home with a big front porch that i could fix up and pull a Young House Love on it..

husband wanted a three car garage and granite.

have you ever seen an older home with a 3 car garage? after we talked about it…where we wanted location wise, and the efficiency of newer homes…a new home is where we looked (not building though…we would divorce before we could make it through that!)

so we started looking…and it was fun at first…

we found a house.

didn’t accept our first offer


sold the day we went to put another offer on it.

many weeks later….mmmmannny houses later…

found another house…

the day we went to put the offer on the house

they took it off the market. the literal same day.

many more weeks later (and lots of house shopping)

found a house husband loved.

i disloved it.

(the master bedroom was downstairs….in the dark. and it was huge. and a waste of space)

but at that point i’m just like let’s be freakin done with it.

so we put in an offer.

thrice negotiations until we finally agreed…

i might have cried myself to sleep a few times cause i didn’t love it.

and then if fell through.

ha! i felt blessed.

but that meant…more house shopping.

and finally. 9 days after it was on the market we took this little plum off the market…

and i was pretty excited. (i’m’ moving in right now so as of late the  excitement has turned into a overwhelmingness)

but since i feel like we are tight…even though i know you a blogger commenter 3243.  I wanted to share…(if you follow me on instagram (agirlandagluegun) you will have seen some of these pictures!)

here’s the pics of the mls listing….

PicMonkey Collage house2

it’s a new house…(less than a year) and i’m super glad that I not going into  it like an older home going, well, we have to rip the wallpaper off here…and retile this bathroom, and buy new carpet.

i love sleeping too much.

and pinteresting.

so…without further ado…our new abode:

and here’s my husband’s unlocking it for the first time…


walking in…


stairs to the right…living room straight ahead..


straight ahead is the living room (i didn’t get a picture the first time…so this is after we started unloading…)

(so excited for this fireplace!!!!)


turn to the left is kitchen…. IMG_2636 IMG_2638

i have emptied out all the my boxes for the kitchen….and i still have two cupboards with nothing in it.

and i have a cookie cutter drawer.

and a drawer with just the kids lunch packs in them.

and a big tupperware thing of playdoh.

not that i’m complaining…just kinda overwhelmed. like maybe i need to buy a magic bullet and a nacho machine to fill the space.

from the living room you can either go the left and hit the laundry room and my bedroom..

no pictures….but it’s got a walk in closet that isn’t big enough (although i thought it would be too HUGE)

or the right and hit my craft room, daughter number 3’s room and a bathroom

(daughter’s room…..)


and my craft room



it is fillllled to the brim with crap.

i WAS JUDGED by the people who helped us unpack as I sent load after load to the craft room.

but since i blog and make money i get to call it a job and tell those people to suck a hotglue egg.

Down the stairs is kid number 1’s room..


and baby boy 2

IMG_2650 nothing super fantastical about these rooms (yet!!)

right outside of their rooms is a little bonus space that will be used for the xbox and the kinect that they are getting for christmas…


then the other side of the basement is a HUGE family room…

(aka my husband will be playing xbox here)


there already has been about 56 cartwheels and backbends done down here!

my favorite bathroom is downstairs too…gray and white and black…love it! IMG_2658 (if i walk into this bathroom one more time thinking it’s the stairs i’m gonna flip!)
down stairs is also a huge storage room that is awesome cause that means I don’t have to throw anything away ever.

hoarders unite!

right now my house looks like…

37dfd356234311e3b0f722000a9f18db_7 actually it’s worse…cause the boxes are open and things are everywhere.

but biiiig things are planned!!!!

We sat by the fireplace tonight…even though it was warm outside..

and talked about what we would miss about your old house (our neighborhood friends mostly)

and then talked about what we were excited about with this new house.

and the list just kept going!

so excited for this new venture for my family!

it still doesn’t feel real…