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the power of DIY….a lamp redo tutorial

my son needed a lamp in his room
and me…being me….looked around for one…
and gasped when the cheapest one i could find was UGLY. and not that cheap.
and i wasn’t wasting money on something will probably be hit with a swordbatfootballanyball mutiple times.
so i hit up the thrift stores…..
and found this gem (completely ugliness)
man was she uuuuuggggglllllleeeeey.
$3 bones. couldn’t resist…i knew that a simple lamp redo would make her pretty…(and turn her into a him)
i sprayed the base with white primer first…i always use white primer….having a white base just makes the next color you put on really POP. (especially or ¬†yellow and red…and pink…and sometimes light blue.)
the lampshade…
you spread it out and roll the lampshade and mark where you need to cut..
it’s going to look like this…
and then you hot glue. i have these glow in the dark glue sticks…and if you use them..the then lamp “powers” them…and then you turn the lamp off and it still glows a little. my kid loves it! you could use it write a name..or a batman logo…


lamp shade

so much better!!!
he made it his own:
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