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captain america shield…

first day of BOY WEEK…
I decided to do a boy week…cause..well…i had 5 posts of boy crap.
and everyone loves a themed week.
and…boys are extremely overlooked in the crafting world.
i googled how much a captain america shield costs:
the cheapest one was 17.
this was free for us… so i call it a win.
this thing started as a frisbee (that we already owned)…..

and luckily…it had all the grooves to make this shield realllly easy.

my son wanted to make it (and i had to to totally bite my tongue cause the ocd in me wants to go back and make the white all perfect….

he spray painted it (started with a primer) then red…(i always start with a white primer….white just makes the   real color you use POP. you would have had to do about 42 coats of red on this black Frisbee to get it the bright captain america red .

then painted the white…then blue. (you can see the grooves that made it easy for him to stay inside. YOu could just as easily draw these with a sharpie to guide your kid..

covered it in some protective spray paint (cause you know it’s going to see a lot of wear and tear)

luckily i had a glow in the dark star left over from THIS project.

it’s vinyl so i just peeled it and stuck it on (this can be painted too…but the glow in the dark makes it extra cool….

then i took some rope and braided it to make it bigger..

and hot glued it the back.

i bent in the ends to make a nice handle for him to grab.

and once again…lots of wear and tear….so i just slathered that glue on like there was no tomorrow…


and he’s been playing ever since…




sorry…i’m a picmonkey fool



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