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halloween games for kids (also titled….sometimes i’m dumb.)

really dumb.

and find myself in charge of not one class party…but two class parties.

kindergarten and 3rd grade.

(for the record they are different days.)

and can i take a moment and vent here: if you sign up on a sheet to help out IT WOULD BE A REALLY BIG HELP IF YOU ANSWERED YOUR PHONE OR CALLED BACK.just saying.

we are either going to have no treats…or 15 different kinds.

where was i?
dumb….party….3rd grade…people who suck…


what i am most excited about.

it’s my fav and I am super excited to plan the games….

halloween games for classroom parties!

PumPKin Bowling..
you know i was going there didn’t ya!

I will tell you what…this poor pumpkin bowling has had some mileage.

it has been used at 3 class parties at school…two preschool parties..two family party…a couple times at church..and borrowed out 4 times.
(you can go here to see the orginal post)

and it’s still a fav.  but i added a little tinsy adjustment.

for my son’s kindergarten…well, let’s just say i didn’t want to be hit in the head by a pumpkin (you know it will happen) so instead of bowling…i made cute little bean (rice) bags to toss into them.

fill with candy or treats

and toss them in….

you have 3 chances and if you get one in– that is the treat you get….

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