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silver fingerprint bracelet (or charm) knock off

one of my favorite posts…and most pinned is my fingerprint pendants (go HERE) They are so fun and easy and it’s a great gift for moms that doesn’t involve macaroni and glue…. they can be turned into charms..keychains..necklace and bracelets (mine are being used as ornaments on a christmas tree) And then i saw these—and i […]

i haven’t completely forgotten about mother’s day

but I will admit it has snuck up on me! I had this week with my son’s preschool…so we made some mom inspired crafts to give to the kids moms… I just made these mom cards they can stand up…or fold up small then I found a bunch of foam stickers from valentines day….so we […]

fingerprint pendants

(off of one of our summer to do) I got this great idea from smashedpeasandcarrots who got this great idea from: the crafty crow  I think they are just so sweet! I got some sculpey (is it pointless to say I got if for 40% off. It’s just kind of a given right?) I got a […]