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Red White and Blue hair bows with vinyl

I’ve got super fun fun and festive 4th of july red white and blue hair bows! (that was the longest sentence)  And you can use this technique to make any fun design! the secret is heat transfer vinyl! Before we get to the how to—This is part of  a super fun red white and blue […]

fourth of july STAR hair!

I occasionally  impress myself and others by doing my kids hair all fancy like.. very rare occasions. sometimes I impress myself that I remind them to brush their hair before we leave the house. sometimes I’m just impressed my kids are clothed.   anyways…here’s a REALLLy easy way to get festive for the fourth of […]

4th of July Junque bows

I’ve talked about junque bows before…but I’m loving them more and more…. cause A. you get to use up scraps and leftovers. and B…there is no rhyme or reason and they always look so fun! So i got patriotic and whipped up some 4th of July Junque bows! gather up your color scheme! ribbon, fabric, […]

Sunday shoutouts! red white and blue edition!

      so a couple days ago..I linked up my 4th of July mason jars…with over 100 links to other amazing patriotic ideas! I wanted to highlight a few of my favorites…as well as other awesome red white and blue stuff! {tis the season!!! }   over the big moon        my […]

RED white and BLUE

I’ve teamed up with 100 bloggers to showcase all red white and blue projects!!!! such an awesome idea! after you check out my post…scroll to the bottom to snoop around and check out all the other awesome red white and blue ideas!!!!  I made some fun 4th of july table decoration/utensils holder these are so […]

happy FOURTH!!

sometimes I get bored and play around on picmonkey….. and the other day I walked in on the very end of a movie that my husband was watching (act of valor) and they were reading this poem… and I liked it…and made some printables of it…         anyways..I thought it was somewhat appropriate for […]

Proud to be an american!!!

Last year I said I  LOVED the fourth of July. Then it rained….my husband scared me every half an hour with those loud dumb fireworks…and my daughter started a fire with a sparkler on a blanket and my sister had to stamp it out and got burned in the process (thanks again Hayley!)  So I am going to […]